Siemens Energy Inaugurates Mexico City Headquarters
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Siemens Energy Inaugurates Mexico City Headquarters

Photo by:   Siemens
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Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 12/07/2021 - 16:59

Siemens Energy has just opened its new headquarters in Mexico City. The new facility, located in the Antara II Tower called SEnter, supports flexible and remote working and boasts a variety of technology and sustainability features. By applying the latest technology, Siemens will be able to support power producers in Mexico and other Latin American countries efficiently.

With its brand new office, the German company reaffirms its commitment to the country, said José Aparicio, CEO of Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. “Mexico represents one of the eight main markets for Siemens Energy investments worldwide because of its e growth potential, experience, development and competitiveness of Mexican talent. Our human capital fills us with pride and has been key to taking another step into the future by promoting the most innovative technological trends.”. SEnter, amongst other innovations, was created through a US$28.18 million-dollar investment from the technology giant, which aims for Mexico to become a global innovation hub for the energy sector. The company’s cloud-based Digihub platform is considered an important part of the building.

SEnter features over 1,500m2 of space. Its floors have ben constructed with recyclable materials. The building showcases leading energy efficiency measures: the building’s electricity consumption has been reduced from 59KW to 18 KW thanks to the use of energy-saving LED lights, installed on 75 percent of its surface.

The building furthermore features an “an architectural, technological and sustainable planning design” that optimizes energy in 57 percent of the spaces in terms of sustainability, allowing the company to attain the LEED Core & Shell v4 Gold Certification, a global recognition awarded to front-running Class A+ buildings. In addition, the building is supported by an urban waste management plan and a water saving program. All of its furniture has been constructed with responsibly-sourced wood.

Moreover, the new headquarters have high-tech rooms for the energy sector, such as Digihub, a space that facilitates the generation of discovery sessions and the co-creation of new ideas, by having cloud-based infrastructure. This space is enabled for the exchange of information with other companies, universities and start-ups, creating an ideal environment for innovation. It is important to mention that Siemens Energy has implemented this technological development at its headquarters in Mexico, due to the country´s national talent potential and considering that the country represents a strategic market for the entire continent.

Siemens Energy aims to make optimal use of the building’s technology to support the region’s energy sector. SEnter will have an Energy Simulation room that allows for the creation and testing of solutions for companies, especially those that run the SPPA T-3000 power plant operation control system. Furthermore, a Remote Expert Center will be capable of monitoring and managing operations around the clock for up to 90 Latin American power plants, using an interconnected network.

“We wanted to have a different space. A space that can motivate us to innovate hand in hand with our clients and organizations. Creating a space for co-creation and collaboration for our work team. And today we are proud of having achieved the goal and of continuing to energize Mexico and the world,” Aparicio added.

Photo by:   Siemens

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