Smart Grid Mexico Eyes Collaborative Development
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Smart Grid Mexico Eyes Collaborative Development

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Wed, 02/22/2017 - 14:54

Along with the Energy Reform came the guidelines for the development of the smart grid in Mexico. The Electricity Industry Law defines the smart grid as an “electric power grid that integrates advanced technologies of measuring, monitoring, communications and operation, among others, to improve efficiency, reliability, quality and security of the national electric system.” The Energy Transition Law, Electricity Market Rules, Network Code and National Electric System Development Program (PRODESEN) address the concept and provide definitions regarding its application in the national context. The best document resulting from the Energy Reform to explain this subject and the way it will transform the electric sector is the Smart Grid Program, published in May 2016.

The importance of the smart grid lies in implementing “smart” operation of the electric grids through the use of new technologies, which will make it feasible to integrate renewable intermittent energies to the electric grid among diverse generation resources to the distribution grid, such as distributed generation from conventional and clean sources and energy storage systems. Additionally, it will allow the implementation of demand control mechanisms and automatic measurement. The concept of the smart grid is not new. The US and Europe have been developing and implementing the system since 2005. More recently countries such as Japan, China and South Korea have also come onboard. There are several success stories of implemented projects that prove the effectiveness of different smart grid technologies around the world. For instance, the implementation of “synchrophasor-phasor measurement systems” in the US transmission grid, the mass implementation of renewable energies into several European countries’ grids or the mass penetration of smart measurement devices to control the demand and reduce losses in several countries including Mexico.

In Mexico, the foundations have already been established and the challenge now is to prove the country’s capacity for collaboration. We are certain of our ability to overcome any challenge through collaboration, which is why the civil organization Smart Grid México is working to integrate, link and strengthen the relationship between the business community, opinion leaders and academics interested in the harmonic development of the smart grid sector in Mexico, by coordinating and aligning our activities to the dispositions, projects and programs of the Ministry of Energy.

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