Software Harnesses Power of Data

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 16:44

Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over the industry and a recent innovation that will revolutionize the test and measurement culture is Fluke Connect Assets. It is a cloudbased wireless system of software that enables test tools to collect all data and upload it into an online database and dashboard. This unique solution helps increase productivity and lower costs, thus maximizing uptime.

Fluke Connect Assets stands out from the crowd by being the industry’s only wireless one-step measurement transfer for more than 30 Fluke Connect wireless test tools. Technicians take a measurement with their test tool, use their phone to capture the data, and with a simple click they save it to the database. This process eliminates the need for manual recording of measurements, so maintenance managers can be more confident that the information is accurate. End users can have a comprehensive view of their critical electricity equipment, including baseline, historical, current test tool measurement data, and past inspection data. This is extremely valuable for energy companies like CFE, PEMEX, Iberdrola, or Shell that have several sites spread across the region or globe. By using this solution they can measure and cross reference the results across the different sites. This system streamlines maintenance tasks, which ultimately enables the company to make informed decisions on the maintenance and replacement of equipment.

The inclusion of the IoT and connectivity into test and measurement solutions brings about other competitive advantages that might be overlooked. For instance, it provides a complete historical overview of all assets on one screen; this means that users can compare all measurement data (thermal, electrical, and vibration) and identify where they need to focus their resources as part of a routine preventive maintenance program. Companies will also gain a fast ROI, since Fluke Connect Assets is cloud-based, so it can be implemented without support from IT or capital expenditure outside any test tools that may be needed. This solution embodies the advantages of IoT for it uses state-of-the-art electronic surveillance, multi factor access control systems, built in firewalls, encrypted data storage, and secures access designed to protect assets. Fluke aims to keep the world up and running and today companies are aiming to do more with less. Efficiency ranks highly on the wish list of companies and solutions like Fluke Connect Assets can truly facilitate this objective.