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Solarever Invests in Energy Storage Development

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 08/19/2021 - 11:37

Solarever, Technologia de America, aims to expand its production capabilities into energy storage systems (ESS), investing US$6 million into its research and development in an effort to combat energy intermittency—one of the main limitations of solar energy use—and continue promoting the growth of the solar energy sector in Mexico.

The company began exploring the possibility of energy storage systems at the beginning of 2019. A year and a half later the company is now working on securing a safety standard certification.

“As in every project, at the beginning, the most important thing for us was the investigation of the state of the technology. Then, we had another stage where we designed, developed and tested our innovations in lithium-based energy storage systems. Currently, we are almost finished testing to get the international UL-1741 certificate. In total, we have invested US$6 million”, said Simon Zhao, President of Grupo Solarever.

A 2019 analysis by Birmingham University identified that energy deficient communities in Mexico have a spectrum of needs, principally related to health, employment, security, education, environment and entertainment. Energy Storage poses to “help balance supply and demand and allows off-grid communities to increase their use of renewables, rather than diesel generators” according to a 2018 university's press release.

For its part, in consideration of its target market, Solarever has worked to identify adequate technical requirements and cost-effective raw materials needed for ESS development that are appropriate to the particular characteristics of the nation's territory.

“One of our great motivations is that people can use more and more clean energy; However, the great barrier for more people to use it is a phenomenon called intermittence, this means that energy can be obtained from renewable sources such as the sun and wind only when the resource is available, hence the importance of storage systems”, explained the President of Grupo Solarever.

Solarever aims to create a versatile product, effective for both industrial and domestic use. With that in mind, it requires the product to integrate hybrid split phase inverter and an automatic transfer switch (ATS), thereby combing three technologies—as in most available storage systems—into one. With this new investment, Solarever’s solar panel system could provide renewable energy generation and storage to isolated communities in Mexico.

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Grupo Solarever, Birmingham University
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