Solfium and Puebla Sign Key Agreement for Solar DG
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Solfium and Puebla Sign Key Agreement for Solar DG

Photo by:   Twitter @EnergiaPuebla
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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 12/05/2022 - 16:51

Solfium signed a strategic alliance with the government of Puebla and its energy agency to further develop solar energy in the distributed generation (DG) environment. The company announced that it created the alliance to generate 50MW of solar power for residential, industrial and commercial clients. This energy will be equivalent to 92,000 solar panels, providing electricity to 32,000 households, reducing 740,000 tons of CO2 or planting 2.2 million trees.

Adrián González, the Commercial Attaché of the Quebec government, underlined the values and objectives that Quebec has in common with the state of Puebla regarding energy goals, as well as the importance of SMEs in Mexico. Miguel Gonzalez, Commercial Delegate of Canada, celebrated the strengthening of commercial ties with Mexico. Gonzalez also highlighted the commercial importance of Mexico for Canada and vice versa, since Canada is the third largest investor in Mexico.

Olivia Salomón, Puebla’s Minister of Economy, stated that the association is important because it provides certainty for the development of the DG solar energy industry. Salomón added that contributing to developing sustainability is a duty of society and its government, which must ensure access to clean energy. 

Andres Friedman, CEO and President, Solfium, celebrated the alliance and discussed the challenge of creating a sustainable world. He also applauded that Puebla was taking important steps toward the development of solar energy with projects such as its solar power plant Cuyoaco. According to Friedman, only focusing on massive-scale solar projects will not help the world to achieve its net zero objectives, so DG is key for decarbonization. What is more, Mexico is the country with the fifth-highest radiation in the world, and one of the countries with the most hours of sunlight at its peak. He said that sooner or later, solar energy will be the common electricity source.

“We cannot wait for this transition to happen organically. We cannot wait for this adoption curve to occur by itself. It is necessary to push ahead and accelerate the energy transition if we want to mitigate climate change. This is where the Puebla government and Solfium come into play. With this alliance, we want to enhance DG by installing 50MW, helping to reduce 740,000 tons of CO2,” said Friedman.

Friedman mentioned that Solfium has an inclusive, digital and technological business model that aligns with Puebla’s energy objectives. The state’s first objective is decarbonization, for which Solfium’s tech platform helps organizations to reduce emissions. Secondly, Puebla aims to fight energy poverty, and the company will support this cause by investing in social projects. During the first phase, it will invest MX$5 million (US$ 253,440) to help a school reduce its energy consumption by 90 percent. Thirdly, Solfium will contribute to local innovation. In addition to its innovative platform, the company will promote the development of Puebla’s SMEs to jointly implement the alliance’s objectives. Solfium will inaugurate its regional office in Puebla to channel investment with its partners and offer zero-investment schemes. “I do not doubt that the conditions are already there to achieve these objectives,” said Friedman.

Photo by:   Twitter @EnergiaPuebla

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