Sophisticated Engineering at the Heart of Successful Projects

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 13:34

Wind turbines are an imposing sight, with blades of over 50m long slicing the skies and towering over 100m tall. Transporting such immense items often presents problems, especially given the fact that projects are typically built in remote areas. Roads must be widened, and in rural areas, they must be built from scratch, with engineering firms stepping in to smooth the way. TYPSA Group is a firm specialized in civil engineering and construction in the energy sector, and through its Mexican subsidiary, MEXTYPSA, it has aimed to optimize current engineering solutions. Javier Ivars, Wind Power Division Director of TYPSA Group, points out that Mexico’s wind sector is maturing and undergoing an important transformation. In countries where wind power is at its inception, financial entities place stringent conditions on EPC schemes due to the lack of experience in the country and in an attempt to lessen construction risks. “This is not the case with Mexico, as it has overcome the technological learning curve,

and developers are now opting for more mature and less costly schemes,” he explains. According to Ivars, the role of engineering firms under these schemes can achieve the reduction of CAPEX costs by 10-20%. Wind farms require a multidisciplinary approach because they entail high voltage infrastructure, complex geotechnical conditions, and the building of road infrastructure in hard-to-access locations. Ivars recalls the company’s involvement in the Piedra Larga I wind farm and the multifaceted engineering processes it entailed. “In the first phase we carried out the validation and redesign for the optimization of 45 turbines. This process required geotechnical engineering, as demanded by our client, Gamesa, in order to reduce its costs.” In the second phase the company was entrusted with the design, construction, and technical support of the foundations of the wind farm. “This intricate process has enabled the TYPSA Group to develop fast track engineering, allowing us to adapt to the timeframe that clients demand,” he adds.