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Strong Alliances, Stronger Expertise

Alfonso Teramoto - Greenfinity
General Manager


Wed, 02/21/2018 - 13:21

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Q: How does Greenfinity offer a higher added value to Mexico's energy market?

A: Greenfinity is part of Consorcio Empresarial AL (CEAL), a group composed of companies serving the Mexican energy sector with more than 20 years of experience through strategic alliances with state-of-the-art technology companies all over the world. The group’s executives met success as their respective companies shifted to the renewable energy sector and identified the need to incorporate a sustainability consultancy as a means to provide ancillary services. That is how Greenfinity was born. Our mission is to develop, hand-in-hand with our clients — public or private entities — profitable sustainability solutions that create economic, social and environmental value. We offer not only our knowledge and expertise of the energy sector but also our ability to adapt to the particular needs of every client. At Greenfinity, we strive to prove to decision-makers that green projects do accrue economic and social benefits for their organizations and not just environmental benefits for the planet’s sake.


Q: What project highlights the Greenfinity advantage?

A: Greenfinity performs all the steps that lead to the EPC phase of a project. We manage the financing, permits, licenses and contracts and assemble all the pieces of the puzzle that enable a project to become a reality. Through one of our partnerships, such as that with our sister company Energías Renovables Exacta, we set the foundations for the project to begin its EPC phase. We are working with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, which had an on-site PV system in mind to become more sustainable. During the process, together we concluded that the most profitable option for the company was to install an efficient cogeneration system. Besides generating electric power on-site, this project will also provide environmental benefits and economic advantages through substantial savings on energy bills. The company will also be able to comply with its CELs requirement and participate in the trading market. For this project we are collaborating with one of the partners in our network that has a long-history developing cogeneration installations in the US, and for several years now in Mexico.


Q: How does Greenfinity help its clients to finance their projects?

A: Financing is definitely a challenge in our country. Companies are naturally focused on making a profit and thus need a clear picture of the project's short-term benefits. As the market opens and competition becomes stronger, project costs are decreasing, making them increasingly attractive for potential clients. We have financed some projects for agribusiness companies through a combination of credit and grants from the federal government that are intended to spur the adoption of renewable energy to increase food system sustainability. These have really helped us support our clients via shorter ROI periods. We are also raising funds from private banking institutions. We are working closely with a subsidiary of the Dutch bank Rabobank. Several of our projects are developing by using its financial products, specifically tailored for sustainabilityrelated investments. Foreign capital credit has a tighter grasp of how the terms, rates of return and performance are commonly assessed for green projects.


Q: What is the importance of building strong partnerships for Greenfinity?

A: Solid partnerships with international players enable us to offer an enhanced base of expertise to the Mexican market with an international perspective. Besides our relationship with the Rabobank subsidiary, we also have alliances with companies located in Europe and North America to incorporate a consolidated and diverse range of technologies and fields, such as waste-to-energy, solar PV, enclosed composting and ancillary services like O&M. We found common ground regarding their drive and interest to enter the Mexican market and invest here due to the attractiveness of the new energy sector and our own interest and ambition to provide top-notch sustainability solutions already proven around the world.

Greenfinity is a Jalisco-based sustainability consultancy that develops and implements profitable solutions including clean energy generation and management, waste valorization and environmental legal advice.

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