Alejandro Delgado
Business Development Director Latin America
View from the Top

Tackling Opex Through Optimal Efficiency

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 17:10

Q: Why should IPPs and EPC players take a closer look at Inaccess’ solutions?

A: While these businesses work based on different perspectives, asset operators, owners and EPC companies benefit from the added value of a centralized data mining, asset management, monitoring and control platform as it unlocks optimal efficiency and performance and minimizes malfunctions. A key factor in our solutions is asset optimization. By minimizing inefficiencies or idle periods, we can dramatically decrease OPEX throughout the power plant’s useful life. Our software can be adapted to the electrical hierarchy of the power plant to not only fully reflect the magnitude of any failure or underperformance but also pinpoint it with surgical precision to optimize energy output. This double advantage enables power plant operators to promptly dispatch field technicians to the specific location that requires the attention of the O&M team, solving the issue effectively and efficiently. Last but not least, our marketproven Power Plant Controller (PPC) allows a seamless integration of the asset with the grid without surprises.
Q: How does Inaccess contribute to fostering a generalized preventive maintenance practice?

A: Quick reactions to potential malfunctions and solving the issue at its core is a definitive advantage. From a prevention efficiency standpoint, it is a matter of grasping the costs of data acquisition, failure costs and component replacement costs. Depending on the malfunction’s impact on the power plant’s performance, strategies involving data analysis and performance trend identification can be deployed to provide clarity over the specific useful life and remaining lifespan. It significantly prevents relying on costly corrective maintenance and reduces idle time in the power plant’s generation activity.

Q: What project best showcases the added value of Inaccess’ solutions?

A: We operate in 40 countries in all regions, with more than 8GW managed by our solutions, meaning close to 3,000 PV parks use our technology and platform. Our goal is to enter the Mexican market to provide our expertise in these technologies for the upcoming pipeline of utility-scale, renewable energy projects. We are actively cumulating listings for our solutions in Mexico and are close to concluding our permitting process before CENACE to become an authorized player operating in Mexico’s renewable energy market. Inaccess’ involvement in the integrated plant power control of the largest PV project in the world, Abu Dhabi’s 1.2GW PV park, attests to its technical expertise. Our versatility also allows us to oversee 500kW PV systems, which speaks volumes about our platform’s flexibility in dealing with a wide range of installed capacities.

Q: What is Inaccess’ market entry plan to secure a solid foothold in Mexico?

A: Inaccess is in fairly advanced discussions to close a local partnership. As our operations in several countries show, we are favorable to closing local alliances and Mexico is no exception. The country’s renewable energy market is growing at a fast pace and we are looking to make the most of it with reliable partners so we can focus our resources on catering to the needs of the Mexican market. Our SCADA platform and our power plant controller are the two products in our portfolio that best answer the country’s specific needs.

Q: Can Inaccess’ solutions be applied to different renewable energy technologies?

A: While our core business is solar power, our solutions are also used in storage, wind, hybrid and off-grid projects. This diversification stems from our client pool that manages a mixed power-generation portfolio, spearheaded by these technologies. It provides the comparative advantages of integrating valuable data from different types of generation in a single platform. The combination of solar and battery storage will also be a major growth factor for renewables in the next years, and we are ready for this challenge having already delivered solutions combining these two technologies.