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Taking Root in Mexico's Energy Trading, PV Tracker Subsectors

Luis Garrido - Braux Energy Group
Sales Country Manager Mexico


Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:42

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Q: What makes Braux a valuable ally when developing PV projects?

A: Braux specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of solar trackers for PV systems, along with other services. Braux is versatile in that it offers its own tracker brand but can also work with other brands and mechanical installation equipment from other companies. The scope of our company’s know-how extends to both manufacturing and installing PV tracking systems, enriched by a global presence in 16 countries. Braux has its own R&D department that has a clear mission to make its equipment more efficient and competitive against other brands.

Q: How does Braux offer the best solution to its clients’ most common problems?

A: Even though Spanish companies have a significant presence in this particular sector, the Mexican counterpart is often unfamiliar with the key information required by a tracker manufacturer to produce a quote perfectly adapted to the particular conditions of the location where the solar park will be built. For instance, soil conditions can vary greatly from one place to another, making the installation of support piles equally variable, particularly in terms of cost. We reference the largest amount of information available and orient our clients with our know-how concerning the best applicable solution. We always stress the importance of preliminary studies to our clients so PV installers like ourselves can better determine which support-pile insertion method is the most adequate to reduce construction problems to a minimum.

Q: What alliances did Braux secure to successfully enter the Mexican PV market?

A: Braux is aware of the importance of local partnerships to prosper in foreign markets, as its global footprint illustrates.In Mexico’s case, we found a valuable local partner whose core business is related to construction, providing us with highly qualified personnel, including but not limited to mechanics, assemblers and operators. We provide direction and expertise, our partner provides a proficient workforce.

Q: What project in Mexico best showcases Braux’s added value?

A: Our company obtained a mechanical works contract for Iberdrola’s Santiago solar park in San Luis Potosi, with 170MW of installed capacity. Braux is delivering its knowhow with state-of-the-art Italian pile-driving machinery and drillers, as well as expatriate staff who oversee installation works. Braux arrived in Mexico in February 2017 and signed this contract five months later. In the midterm, Braux wants to invest in PV projects for Mexican off-takers in the commercial and industrial sectors. We have the capacity to undertake the construction and installation of the entire project and to manage it, selling the energy produced in the forms permitted by Mexican Law.

Q: What is your assessment of Mexico’s energy transition?

A: Braux believes Mexico’s regulatory authorities have done an outstanding job. CRE and CENACE are undertaking an important task with interesting methods. All efforts must converge toward providing Mexico a large and robust electricity grid that enables promising electric-generation locations to distribute the generated power. This is particularly true for Mexico’s wind resource, which does not have the flexibility of solar power when it comes to onsite power production and nationwide resource availability.

Q: What are Braux’s plans for Mexico in the long haul?

A: First, we want to consolidate our Braux brand in the Mexican PV tracker subsegment and in PV system installations. Second, we want to participate in the country’s electric market as a power producer and as energy traders for the commercial and industrial sectors to meet our commitment to contribute to Mexico’s energy transition and sustainable development. Mexico’s solar potential is quite sizable and we are adamant that Braux will firmly take root in this country.

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