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Tec de Monterrey is Aiming for GreenEnergies for its Campuses

By Antonio Trujillo | Thu, 09/23/2021 - 11:05

The Monterrey-based educational institution has revealed it aims to have 80 percent of the energy used on its campuses to come from renewable sources by 2040.

As part of their 2025 Sustainability and Climate Change Plan presented in April of this year, the Tec de Monterrey expects to carry this transversal strategy diligently in the short and long terms and by 2040, all campuses will have become carbon neutral.

“The climate crisis caused by global warming is not just a phenomenon that needs to be attended to, rather it needs to be addressed urgently,” said Inés Sáenz Negrete, Vice President of Inclusion, Social Impact, and Sustainability at Tec de Monterrey. Though the date of completion is clearly long-term, Negrete nonetheless highlighted that the institution is already “on its way” to becoming carbon neutral and in prioritizing its campuses’ sustainability. To that effect, a self-evaluation assessment has been conducted and completed on all campuses, in order to know where each of them stand on climate change efforts; the different areas within the structure will “define more strategies to make all the spaces carbon neutral and resistant to the effects of the climate crisis.”

According to current figures, 49 percent of energy consumed by the different campuses already comes from renewable sources, while 14.1 percent comes from energy-efficient sources that reduce C02 emissions. As Negrete further added, the recently reopened Mexico City campus, which suffered severe infrastructural problems during September’s 2017 earthquake  which caused the death of five students, is “spearheading efforts” in transforming facilities to be built with “eco-efficient” technologies in classrooms, libraries, and common areas.

Other highlights from the 2025 Plan include a comprehensive route for Tec to generate a community-based sense of climate responsibility, the training of leaders committed to a sustainable cause, and a proactive culture to confront the climate emergency. Negrete deemed Tec de Monterrey’s 2025 Climate Plan as “ambitious, demanding, and rigorous” and also a “priority for the institution.”

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