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Technology Solves Issues Before They Take Root

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 01/13/2021 - 12:06

Q: What drew Dominion to the Mexican market?

A: DOMINION is a Spanish corporation with operations in about 30 countries. We have close to 9,000 employees worldwide, 400 of which are in Mexico. In 1999, the company decided to invest in Mexico because of the strategy alignment between its operations worldwide and opportunities here. We see technology as a means to achieve progress and efficiency in Latin America. We want to help our customers and create local jobs. We do not just offer technology; we listen to our customers and help them achieve their goals.


Q: Which areas of the company’s extensive portfolio are most in demand in Mexico?

A: DOMINION has several divisions centered around technological services and solutions. Most of these are focused on industrial efficiency, energy, software solutions, mobility and even environmental risks and healthcare systems. We have built entire hospitals in some countries. 2020 was a very challenging year to which we had to adapt. In 2009, we provided big quantities of thermometers and temperature monitors to fight the swine flu outbreak. We used our expertise to fight COVID-19, so we supplied our customers with temperature monitoring devices since early March 2020. 

In regard to energy, its use increased considerably nationwide because people changed their patterns by consuming energy at home instead of at the office. Around the same time, the Mexican government revealed its new strategy as well, to which we have been adapting. We communicated with CFE and contacted high-level engineers and end users across the company and made sure they had the right solutions to confront these changes, enabling many projects in the process. DOMINION has a strong understanding of clean energy projects, with experience building solar, wind and biomass plants. We are in close contact with clean energy developers and EPCs in this regard. All in all, 2020 has leaned toward governmental energy investment instead of private investment.

The essential sector is the third area where we made progressed in 2020. Although a great deal of industrial manufacturing had to shut down, essential sectors like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, healthcare, transportation and third-party services all had a great deal more work in 2020. We established close ties with end users in these areas, helping them to be more efficient by providing facility management, in which we prevent and diminish downtime, ensure efficiency and enable energy savings. We did this through various solutions, such as online solutions, services, customer support and hand-held testing solutions from the Fluke brand.

We also leveraged growth in the southeast of Mexico. This region traditionally relied on oil and gas and tourism, but it has been growing steadily in recent years through several landmark projects. We invested in this area to address customer needs in this growing market.


Q: How is DOMINION offering its services to benefit CFE?

A: CFE has been our customer for a long time and we have a good relationship with the company, especially with its people in the field. Basically, we know the people who use our equipment on site and are aware of their needs and the challenges they face. We help them solve issues regarding transmission and distribution. In the last few years, there have been many modifications to Mexico’s energy sector. We understand that our clients need high-quality tests and measurement solutions to ensure uniform power quality across the grid. Today, many players are involved and each provider could yield energy at a different quality. This is a big risk for the grid, so we make sure that through our solutions people can constantly measure quality and uniformity in transmission lines, distribution centers and power plants.

Predictive maintenance is another area where CFE has asked for our help. To reduce downtime, it has to make sure that its assets, such as transformers, transmission lines or generators are working at 100 percent and that maintenance is provided before issues occur. We record measurements through several Fluke solutions, sensors and other products that raise the alert about potential problems, long before they occur. For oil and gas operations, we offer predictive maintenance as well.

Finally, IoT is becoming increasingly prevalent in industrial plants, including CFE’s facilities. We have many wireless solutions that interact with equipment and feature machine learning. These solutions are easy to use and will let users detect potential problems. 


Q: How does DOMINION expect to be involved in renewable energy projects?

A: Worldwide, DOMINION is a strong player in renewable energy. In our case, we built solar and wind farms in Chihuahua and in the southeast of the country. The uncertainty that has affected the sector has not been a big issue for us yet. The government understands that the private sector can be a helpful collaborator, which is good news for us. Mexico has a great deal of potential for renewable energy and I believe we will see more projects in the next few years, especially now that the US government will focus on green energy.


Q: Where does DOMINION invest resources in the area of R&D?

A: DOMINION invests a great deal in R&D, both in-house and through our business partners. It is a strong area for the company. We provide solutions such as smart factories, smart homes, energy efficiency measurements, industry 4.0 developments and digitalization. For Volkswagen Mexico, we designed a tailor-made solution to ensure its plant’s efficiency, for example. In energy, we work toward new ways to leverage renewables, according to the customer’s needs. In the health area, we provide hospitals and pharmacies with software and hardware. We also invest in startups to complement our solution portfolio.


Q: What are DOMINION’s main goals for 2021?

A: We had a good year in 2020, with only a slight decline in business. We believe that in 2021, we should be able to overcome the crisis and reach or surpass 2019 profit levels. We also aim to continue innovating to meet client needs and make sure we provide services, solutions, R&D and partnerships to help them meet their challenges. We also want to increase our investments worldwide and in Mexico. After a crisis, an accelerated growth cycle follows, so we constantly invest in human capital, to face the emerging opportunities. Our new business agreements with new partners will give us a broader solutions portfolio, to further support our customers. 

DOMINION is a global provider of multi technology services and specialized engineering solutions, active in many different sectors of the global economy. In Mexico, it is especially adept at increasing industrial processes efficiency, predictive maintenance (through the Fluke brand), Telecom solutions, services and green energy.

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