Pablo Fernández
Country Manager
ISOTRON Energías México
View from the Top

A Transmisson Line in Every Corner of the Country

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 11:57

Q: What spurred ISOTRON to enter Mexico’s energy market while developing different projects in Latin America?

A: ISOTRON, which is the electricity unit of Spain’s Grupo Isastur, started its Latin American operations in Argentina, Venezuela and Chile in the early 2000s and expanded to other countries to serve the Latin American market. The expansion of the renewables market in Chile between 2013 and 2016 encouraged the rest of the region to make the same transition. Today, we are developing projects in different countries and our track record helped us to expand our services in renewable energy and transmission to Mexico in 2015.
Q: What main added value does ISOTRON provide its client companies?

A: ISOTRON’s added values are technology, expertise and its ability to meet the needs of its clients under demanding deadlines and with a cost-efficient performance. We make sure our personnel have the requisite knowledge and experience to operate our technology portfolio, which means ISOTRON not only has the material resources but also the intangible resources to achieve its goals.
Q: What project illustrates ISOTRON’s contribution to the electricity market in Mexico?

A: Compared to other countries, Mexico has a more complicated structure for laying transmission lines and building electrical substations, which is why the country has a strong demand for the complementary services we offer. In terms of specifics, ISOTRON is in the process of completing a project for Enel Green Power Mexico in Tamaulipas, which is expected to be operational in 1Q19. For this project, ISOTRON is responsible for everything related to the interconnection, while also overseeing 50 percent of the assembly of the turbines. This project was complex because we had never experienced the security complications and the union issues that exist in Mexico. However, the conditions of the area and the market indicate that the project will be successfully completed.

Q: Which companies is ISOTRON partnering with to develop business opportunities?
A: Besides working with Enel Green Power Mexico, ISOTRON is collaborating with Iberdrola. We did the electrical and mechanical assembly of its project in San Luis Potosi. We are also working with Engie Solar to install all the components of its electrical Balance of Solar (BOS). Some of our key partners have been our collaborators in other countries like Chile, Spain and Brazil. ISOTRON is a medium-sized company and we focus on projects that can benefit from our range of solutions. The company participates in large developments as a subcontractor and for medium-sized projects as a key player. In 2018, there have been very few tenders related to renewable energy within the range of our solutions. However, in the medium term, we expect ISOTRON to enter large-scale tenders and become a strong competitor, as we already are in countries such as Chile and Peru.

Q: How does ISOTRON foresee the company’s growth in the coming years?

A: We are rethinking our strategic approach, given the changes in the Mexican market. However, ISOTRON believes renewable energy will remain a hot topic for the energy sector in Mexico in the coming years. The company’s efforts will be directed to developing transmission and energy distribution solutions. The coming year will be a time for developing and building all the large-scale projects that were awarded on 2018, so we expect 2019 will be a good year to showcase our strengths and commitment.