Héctor Olea
View from the Top

A United Solar Front

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 12:27

Q: What has been ASOLMEX’s major contribution to the solar industry in Mexico?

A: ASOLMEX has achieved many objectives in the past few years. In 2014, when we started the association, ASOLMEX was comprised of 10 founders and to date it has more than 110 members. The first achievement is the consolidation of an industry in constant growth. ASOLMEX unites the interests of all the parties involved in the solar industry value chain, from big utilities to distributed generation. This kind of unification did not exist a few years ago and has motivated a greater interaction with relevant decision-makers, such as the Ministry of Energy, CRE, CENACE and even CFE. During this journey, we have fought many battles, including the removal of the 15 percent import tariff imposed on solar panel technology.

Among the association’s activities, one of the most interesting initiatives is Ilumínate. This social program delivers solar lamp kits to communities that do not have access to the grid. It is one of the flagship projects we are most proud of. ASOLMEX’s main goal is to develop the solar industry in Mexico and energy democratization plays an important role within this.