Gary Macconnell
Green Global Technologies
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US Water and Wastewater Solutions for Mexico's Industry

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 17:24

Q: How has Green Global Technologies developed its specific areas of expertise?

A: We came out of a unique experience. Green Global Technologies grew out of MacConnell & Associates, our local engineering consulting firm founded 27 years ago. Our firm offers specific expertise in the areas of environmental, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering. Once we felt confident enough with our cumulated expertise and the integration of state-of-theart technology in our products and services, we started looking abroad for global business opportunities and created Green Global Technologies. We got in touch with the US Commercial Services in North Carolina to assist us with this task, providing context and locating potential business partners we could work with.

Q: What niche are you targeting in Mexico?

A: Green Global Technologies chose Mexico as a strategic expansion point. The country has good engineering universities, capable and qualified engineering professionals and good technical expertise. We have done four business trips overall to solidify business opportunities, and have made a lot of contacts. We are on the lookout for reliable partners. Mexico is different from the US, where the former has people that represent equipment manufacturing on one side and the engineering community on the other to avoid giving the impression of having a conflict of interest. For us, it is only a matter of adapting to this different way of doing business. We are targeting several local engineering firms, people that buy and sell equipment for water-recycling systems. 

Q: What is Green Global Technologies’ main strength?

A: Most of the products we make are targeted for communities of a few thousand people, as well as developments, resorts, schools, hospitals and the like. Mexico and South America have a large window of opportunity in this regard. When we target our clients, we have the flexibility of providing equipment that matches the people’s needs, the locally-available technology and the people’s skillset to easily operate and maintain it locally. We are in the business of helping people and are available 24/7 should any doubt or issue arise regarding the equipment.
Outside the US, we represent and distribute top-tier, technologically-sound products from companies like E-Z Treat Corporation, HOH Environmental Management, Mercer International, A3-USA, Advanced Aeration, Enviro Loo and Trash Guard Incorporated, proposing their addedvalue solutions to increase our international business. 

Q: What are the key aspects of the Mexican market that caught your attention?

A: Our typical clients are small to midsize communities as well as industry-related companies. Mexico is a large trading partner of North Carolina with the geographical advantage of being our next-door neighbor and with NAFTA advantages. We have worked for big companies in the past but they lack the decision-making flexibility and dynamism we find with smaller businesses to launch a project. Mexico is increasingly aware of the importance of water management and recycling, and we want to capitalize on this pragmatic shift. Key regulatory elements to foster water-related businesses are still missing, but we are betting they will eventually come along as this niche grows in importance.

Q: Are you concerned about the US administration’s revamping of the fossil fuel industry?

A: There is a lot of uneasiness surrounding subjects like the NAFTA renegotiations and the US’ withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. We see these components unfolding only at the political level. In the end, when you look at the size and depth of bilateral trade between the US and Mexico, it will go on because, overall, it has been beneficial to both sides of the business community and it is in both countries’ best interest to maintain it.