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Wärtsilä Storage System Boosts Wind Energy Project

By Cas Biekmann | Mon, 02/08/2021 - 08:46

The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has been contracted to provide energy storage for the 50MW Eolica Coromuel wind farm located in La Paz, Baja California Sur. The storage system is designed to deliver an output of 10MW and helps the wind farm meet strict grid code requirements. Wärtsilä has reported it will be providing a long-term service agreement to the wind project, including maintenance and remote monitoring to ensure adequate performance. The system could prove to be another landmark regarding storage’s growing viability worldwide.

MBN interviewees often point out that they are waiting for a more robust regulatory framework, a fair recognition of storage’s added capacity and the auxiliary services it can provide to benefit the grid. Nevertheless, landmark examples of energy storage are entering the country. The potential is especially appreciated in Baja California Sur, where the unconnected local grid already benefitted from storage through the Aura Solar III plant developed by Gauss Energía.

San Diego-based Eolica Coromuel is owned by Eurus Energy America Corporation. Eurus’ majority owner, in turn, is the Japan-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation, focused on renewable energy. Together with the wind farm, the energy storage system will be connected to the localized grid by national system operator CENACE. The storage system, called GridSolv Max, uses batteries and includes built-in safety systems and air conditioning, as well as power distribution.  Using this, the system is able to control the wind farm’s ramp rate, which enhances its energy generation reliability and provides frequency control as well as further capacity to boot.

To boost the storage system’s capabilities, Wärtsilä applies its smart energy management system, GEMS, which connects energy assets to electricity markets and adjusts itself based on the market’s conditions through real-time optimization. It also supports management of changes in output caused by shifting wind conditions.

“This project will help Mexico meet its renewable energy goals and efficient energy storage is a key element for its success. The Mexican government is to have 30 percent of energy generated by renewables by 2021 and 35 percent by 2024. We required an experienced supplier with an outstanding track record and Wärtsilä was, therefore, the obvious choice,” said Nick Henriksen, Vice President of Eurus Energy America. “Enabling a transition towards a 100 percent renewable energy future is central to Wärtsilä’s strategy, so we are delighted to be supporting this project with our advanced energy storage solution. We have demonstrated our ability to meet Eolica Coromuel’s schedule and technical requirements, which are backed by commercial guarantees,” commented John Robbins, Business Development Manager at Wärtsilä.

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