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The Week in Energy: Renewable Strength

By Dalia Maria de León | Fri, 11/29/2019 - 15:51

Investment in renewable hydrogen was confirmed. Meanwhile photovoltaic parks were inaugurated and Mexico’s Council for Energy Transition was created.

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  • Enel Green Power Inaugurated First Photovoltaic Park in Tlaxcala.

Enel Green Power México started operations at its new 220MW Magdalena II solar park in the state of Tlaxcala, which required an investment of US$165 million. The photovoltaic park is made up of 550,000 bifacial panels andis capable of generating 6.4GW per year, avoiding the annual emission of approximately 350,000 tons of CO2. This photovoltaic park will sell all its energy production to private buyers in the Mexican wholesale electricity market.

With the completion of Magdalena II, the firm has exceeded 2.3GW of managed capacity in Mexico, of which 977MW come from wind power, 1.308GW from solar energy and 53MW from hydroelectric power.


  • SENER Creates Council for Energy Transition

Mexico’s Minister of Energy Rocío Nahle led the First Ordinary Session of the Consultative Council for Energy Transition, a permanent participation council that seeks to meet clean energy goals and energy efficiency, while planning the content of the Energy Transition Law.

The dialogue space was opened to provide comments and suggestions on the Council’s operating rules , in addition to the Transition Strategy to Promote the Use of Technologies and Clean Fuels approval. Also, the National Program for the Sustainable Use of Energy 2020-2024 was approved, remaining open to suggestions and comments.



  • Mitsubishi Beats Shell for Eneco.

Mitsubishi has struck a deal to buy Netherlands-based renewables company Eneco, strengthening the Japanese player’s position in European renewables and fighting off competition from Shell. Eneco will be sold in a deal valued at US$4.5 billion and it will become the European center for all of Mitsubishi’s energy-related activities.

Eneco is the Netherland’s largest utility company and already owns 427MW of offshore wind power and 300MW of solar energy. It is also seen as one of Europe’s most innovative companies in areas such as electric vehicles and energy storage.


  • ACWA Power Connects Sakaka Photovoltaic Park to Saudi Arabia’s Electricity Grid

As part of King Salaman’s Renewable Energy Initiative, an investment of US$319 million is one of the first renewable energy projects in KSA that has been integrated to the national grid. The project has a capacity of 300MW and it is expected to generate clean energy for the Al-Jouf region, while offsetting more than 500 tons of CO2 annually. Sakaka has already started generating clean electricity under a pilot phase and is expected to reach full commercial operations by the end of this year.


  • ARENA Commits US$70 Million to Invest in Renewable Hydrogen

Darren Miller, CEO of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), said that while Australia is in a good position to become a major exporter of renewable hydrogen, a US$70 million funding will help to kickstart a domestic hydrogen industry by driving down the cost of producing this renewable energy source.

Hydrogen can be produced by separating water molecules via electrolysis, and when produced using renewable electricity is entirely emissions free. ARENA will investigate funding for projects that involve commercial scale of this process, particularly over 10MW in scale to drive the sale of key technologies.





Dalia Maria de León Dalia Maria de León Journalist & Industry Analyst