Ezequiel Balderas
Country Manager
Yingli Green Energy Mexico
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When Time is Everything, Stock on Hand Makes a Difference

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:52

Q: What are Yingli Solar’s main strengths in the Mexican market?

A: The most common problem that project manufacturers face is delivery times. They want to ensure that panels are delivered on time for every project to guarantee its smooth operation. One of Yingli’s main strengths is the full availability of its products. As the market expands, many companies are looking to strengthen their market presence by introducing larger production and storage facilities. But Yingli had already made that bet, allocating production and stock to the country before the market started growing. This means we now have the capacity to provide our products to both big projects and smaller distributors. We see this production and stock allocation as an investment and added value that will shine in the medium and long terms. In doing so, we are committing to reducing delivery times for our clients.

Having our own storage facilities in the country ensures our clients have access to our products in a very short time, allowing them to avoid any costs related to shipments or logistics. This strength was evident in a project in the State of Mexico in which we took part. We reduced the delivery time from the initially estimated two months to just three weeks. This was seen by the client as a major added value.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in China, close to Shanghai, and from there we distribute to Mexico as well as many other countries. Our logistics team in Mexico has gained so much experience in the process of importing the shipments, that we can accurately state the number of days needed for the product to reach the country. We know that it is impossible to position a brand in the market alone. That is why part of our strategy has been to look for high-quality distributors and business partners with which we can build a relationship of trust.

Q: What differentiates Yingli Solar's technology from that of its competitors?

A: Yingli’s solar panels have been installed in over 150 countries. Our products function under any condition, from desert to tropical climates. This has been extremely helpful in Mexico where conditions vary, with deserts in the north and humid and salty conditions in the southeast.

We offer our full support to our distributors, partners and clients. In turn, they suggest ways to tackle the market and where to focus our strengths. Our lab, located in Spain, also supports the Latin American market, giving our clients access to our installations so they can conduct their own tests.

It is common to see projects attract international attention when they are above 100MW, and of course we would like to take part in those, but we want to work with the entire PV panel industry first, offering all installers and clients a high-quality product that is delivered on time according to their specific needs.

Q: What products and solutions will Yingli Solar introduce into the Mexican market?

A: Yingli Solar manages traditional market products such as the delivery of both mono and polycrystalline panels. At the same time, Yingli is positioning its prepackaged solutions in the market. These are ready-to-install 50-100kW on and off-grid systems that include batteries, inverters and solar panels — everything the project developer requires for installation. With this solution, distributed generation project developers can stop worrying about finding and coupling several different products. The market has been very receptive to this solution.

Another significant advancement we have made is our PANDA mono crystalline panel, which offers efficiencies of up to 20.1 percent, which is almost 30 percent higher than the market average. We expect this panel to provide a huge advantage in the industrial distributed generation segment, in which the lack of space is often a big problem. By using this panel, project developers can achieve higher production rates in the same area, leading to a faster ROI for their clients.