2021: The Year Last-Mile Deliveries Defined Online Shopping
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2021: The Year Last-Mile Deliveries Defined Online Shopping

Photo by:   Iñaqui de la Peña
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By Iñaqui de la Peña - Borzo Mexico
Country Manager


What defined logistics in 2021? Most would think that the main focus was on the technological advances that these services presented to clients and businesses of all types. The reality is that although this aspect is essential, what defined its importance was the value that businesses saw in their logistics partners.

Just as 2020 was a historic year for e-commerce development, the role of last-mile deliveries also became highly developed and changed dramatically. Clients transformed their shopping preferences and made deliveries a basic part of their online journey. Now that 2021 is ending, the client is already clear about what to expect when buying online and has defined what is important to them to acquire that product. Businesses need to continue deciphering their clients' necessities to satisfy them and exceed their expectations.

How can a business really know if they “get” their client? As cliché as it sounds, a business must know what their customer wants even before the customer does ... and yep, this also includes delivery preferences.

According to AMVO's 2021 online sales study, retail e-commerce had a value of MX$316 billion (US$15 billion) in 2020 and Mexicans receiving their product at home is one of the main reasons for buying online.

Each client has different lifestyles and buyer necessities. Understand their purchase. Is it really urgent? Could it wait until tomorrow? Give them the power to decide and then blow their mind.

Traditional delivery services that don't think about their clients' necessities no longer work for them. Did you know that the main aspect that bothers digital consumers in the delivery process is that their product arrives damaged? Who does!

Now, clients have the power to hyper-personalize their deliveries. (Pstt ... this is one of the high points of service in the last mile). The customer is granted the ability to decide delivery format, timing, track it, secure it and give it special conditions. However, who is at the center of the decision is the company that sells.

The business strategy depends on the correct choice of a delivery service, or as I would say, partner. It’s like when you try new shoes. A pair could feel nice at first, but they are not exactly what you need. This is why, as things constantly change in the e-commerce world, businesses need to understand the potential their logistics process can have and find their perfect match.

And who said the best shoes cost your entire Christmas bonus? This, like two- to three-day delivery timing, is no longer in the plans. A business that lets a specialized shipping company run its operation can focus on its customer and continue to perfect its product.

Delivery satisfaction becomes even more important when we talk about peak seasons, special weather conditions and special dates, such as Hot Sale, Valentine’s or Santa's arrival. It is true that delays on delivery have provoked in clients the need to buy with a conscious understanding that delivery times on these occasions may be slower but we tech delivery companies are responsible for working with sellers and developing strategies to solve this and get the deliveries to clients at the desired time. The future of logistics needs to be based on the client. Whatever this means, sellers and logistics companies should work relentlessly to achieve the perfect on-time delivery, and by on-time delivery, I mean whenever and however clients need it: express delivery, “as soon as it can get here,” scheduled window delivery, same-day delivery, or express 10-minute delivery, pick up, locker pick up and the list goes on and on. Understand the client, fulfill their needs, create an amazing customer experience and then just sit and wait, convinced that we have done the right thing to build loyalty. Then it all starts all over again, understanding the changes in the clients’ needs.

With this, you are no longer a player, you are leading a resilient company that understands its customers and offers them an excellent online shopping experience. This is why last-mile deliveries are among the first factors for clients to close an online sale.

Photo by:   Iñaqui de la Peña

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