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The Beginning of a Journey to Entrepreneurship

By Liz Coraima | Mon, 02/21/2022 - 15:00

Entrepreneurship is doing things with the heart; it is finding your purpose beyond money, and working for it. The world needs braver people who are willing to take that first step and express themselves, fighting for what they want.

I'm Liz Coraima Campos. I'm 28 years old. Somehow, building my own brand and a lifestyle that I love became part of my everyday job. However, to start my business, I experienced a lot of doubts, obstacles and fear of failure, but I dared to go after what I was passionate about and build my own story.

I have always been a dreamer. Every decision I have made in my life has always been with the thought of being a game changer. So here I was, at the age of 19, with only two suitcases in hand and big plans in mind, I moved to the UK to study International Relations at the University of Sussex.

The city where I lived, Brighton, had a very mindful lifestyle so I met people who would take care of themselves in a more conscious way. Immediately, I became passionate about the wellness culture, and in my spare time I read books about holistic health and plant-based nutrition. This was where I was introduced to a wide variety of the most nutritious foods in the world, called Superfoods, which I used to create recipes for smoothies filled with nutrients that would help improve my health in general (little did I know that a couple of years later, I would start a business with these wonderful and natural ingredients).

After a while, I decided to combine my studies by certifying myself as a Wellness Coach, mainly with the intention to improve my eating habits and heal the relationship I had with my body. I remember my roommates were fascinated by everything I shared with them about what I learned for a healthier lifestyle; they would always approach me when they wanted advice on self-care and healthy recipes.

Graduating from university, I decided to get some experience in my career in International Relations at the Embassy of Mexico in London. Despite being a “good opportunity” (according to people), I didn't feel the enthusiasm that I was supposed to feel. I had a kind of emptiness; I just wasn't in the right place. So, during my train journeys from my apartment to the embassy, I began journaling (an inner work practice I used to do when I felt lost) about my dreams and desires. That was the moment when I realized that “my calling” was already a part of my life: holistic nutrition.

Eventually, I decided to go back home and start my brand in Mexico, since I saw an area of opportunity in the wellness sector, especially for women, who were continually attacked by extreme diet and weight loss products. There was no one to care for them and guide them regarding their physical, mental and even spiritual health. Therefore, I wanted to share my knowledge with the many women who, like me, wanted to improve the relationship with their body and well-being in a more holistic and natural way.

For that, I did research on superfoods. I met doctors (they became my teachers) and pharmacists specialized in supplements to help me develop quality products (without chemicals, gums and other toxins) that could really cover the real needs that women have.

Since I did not have a great deal of capital to invest, I registered my brand on a governmental platform for entrepreneurs, which would advise me on methodologies, practices and tools to give my business the structure it needed.

Today, my brand, Cora Blends, is a materialized dream that goes beyond being a premium line of superfood blends. It is a conscious and holistic brand that helps women to nourish all areas of their lives, starting from the inside out; helping them to recognize their power as women, their confidence, so they can connect to their bodies and fully enjoy their lives.

To get to this point, I had to face my fears, be honest with myself and admit that my career in International Relations was not my path, despite what everyone thought.

If someone had told me everything that entrepreneurship involved, I do not think I would have gotten into this. Sometimes it is a lonely journey; my family and the people around me did not understand or share my ideas. I had to become my own cheerleader to not give up.

Furthermore, I faced several rounds of government paperwork that made the process of creating my brand even more difficult and longer than I expected. A lot of people did not take me seriously. Sadly, it is still difficult to make your way in business when you are a young woman. However, it is satisfying to realize that the opportunity to work on something that fulfilled my soul was always part of me, even before I made the decision to start my business. Once I took the step, nothing could stop me and I continued to study hard and prepare myself in that area.

Sharing my journey as an entrepreneur is not intended to give you the perfect formula for your entrepreneurship, and in fact you won’t find it anywhere since it is a personal path. My intention is to share my path with you. Use it as a reference as you create your own story by bringing to life all those ideas that you would aim to share with the world, taking the first step to become a game changer.

Photo by:   Liz Coraima