Carolina Morillo
The Hidden Kitchen
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By Carolina Morillo | Fri, 11/20/2020 - 12:08

Exceptional times call for exceptional experiences. As we prepare to flip the calendar to December, it is becoming apparent that this coming Christmas season will be like no other. For companies, their employees and brands, the get-togethers, parties and drinks that characterized the traditional end of year celebration will be off the table.

That does not mean, businesses should throw in the towel and start looking ahead to next year. Do that, and your employees and clients may throw the towel back at you. The really exceptional companies understand that there is always a solution, and sometimes the best way to show your appreciation is to take an unusual approach, both in your end of year marketing and your relationship with your collaborators.

Ask yourself, what would I be doing as a company right now to celebrate and thank my employees and clients? In Mexico, you would likely be getting ready to plan a traditional posada, the nine celebrations that take place from December 16-24 that companies typically host during the last weeks of the year.

Given this year’s peculiar situation, you can decide to do nothing, or you can decide to get creative. Before we get to that, though, let’s set the landscape we find ourselves in.

Just as companies redefined their values and purpose after a tumultuous 2020, they are also searching for new narratives and channels to share these is on. More than ever, clients and employees also are searching for brands that share their values, and businesses are becoming more conscious about their essence and identity.

Simon Sinek became an instant academic rock star some years ago with his TEDTalk and book Start With Why, where he states that “people do not buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” If that was true in January, it will be even more important when COVID-19 is behind us.

But communicating a clear “why” goes beyond jingles and logos. As the end of the year approaches, it is the perfect time for brands to look beyond traditional marketing to convey a clear and genuine purpose to their employees, clients and audiences. That is why we created The Hidden Kitchen: to design unique, tailor-made, gastronomic events for brands that would like to live what they stand for.

This is how companies get creative.

Clients like Hermés, Google, L’Óreal and Mercedes-Benz have used our services to strengthen their ties with clients, customers and employees through multi-sensorial, disruptive and impactful experiences around food. For example, Luxury watchmaker Movado launched its latest watch collection with an exclusive cocktail in a super modern underground parking lot, with a creative menu of canapés inspired by the collection's models. Audi introduced the e-tron, the brand’s first 100 percent electric car, through an experience designed by The Hidden Kitchen aimed at their top clients, who enjoyed a spectacular dinner at a Service Center of the brand in the heart of the city.

During a 2020 shaped by lockdowns and remote work, clients have increasingly expressed the need to continue nurturing their ties with clients and employees. We don’t want them to throw in the towel, so we are helping them get even more creative with The Hidden Moment, a tool to reinforce engagement between brands and their employees and audiences during these critical moments of isolation and uncertainty.

Whether it is a dinner ready to enjoy, a kit to prepare a delicious menu from The Hidden Kitchen or a selection of gourmet products made by our chefs, The Hidden Moment is a personalized home-delivered experience sent by the brands to their most strategic clients.These experiences can also be tailor-made to fit brands; communication goals, as a way to stay close at a distance.

To give companies the opportunity to share a unique experience with their clients and employees, we launched The Hidden Moment / Christmas. This original experience-in-a-box includes a special selection of seasonal products made by The Hidden Kitchen’s chefs, along with thoughtful accessories for a premium experience at home. This off-the shelf or custom-made gift makes for a different and elegant present, with the quality guarantee of The Hidden Kitchen.

COVID should not cancel Christmas, your customers and employees are too important to not be celebrated responsibly and in style. In these exceptional circumstances, your best bet is an exceptional experience.

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