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The Circular Economy and Mexico’s Access to Equality

By Daniela Muñoz - ioio


By Daniela Muñoz | CEO - Thu, 04/28/2022 - 16:00

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Mexico is among the countries in Latin America with the greatest divide in terms of economic possibilities. This is mostly due to the way we have approached globalization, bringing brands of all kinds and from all over the world to our country, generating a feeling of need in which the norm is, "to have more is to be more."

This gap that divides Mexicans is a clear invitation to modify our consumption habits in order to achieve a situation that offers better possibilities to all rather than just benefiting a few. It is here where the concept of the circular economy comes in through an income model that allows us to access goods and services that would otherwise be out of reach for more than 60 percent of our population.

The goal of the ioio rental market platform is to generate the first rental marketplace platform in Mexico and the world where users can rent all kinds of items, products and services, from a bicycle that you no longer use to your professional camera, a car, a warehouse, an apartment and even hours of your time as an adviser or consultant, all with the security that any transaction on ioio is insured, which means that your items are 100 percent safe. If you offer professional services within the platform, you are insured as well, making us the first platform in Mexico of this type that insures freelancers.

Mexico is a country full of possibilities to explore. These possibilities will multiply if we collectively build new routes that further promote common well-being and options that allow us to evolve as a society.

Photo by:   Daniela Muñoz

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