Daniela Muñoz


Startup Contributor

Circular Economy a Way to Reduce Daily Damage to the Planet

By Daniela Muñoz | Wed, 08/03/2022 - 13:00

Material goods are highly treasured. It has practically been customary to accumulate things of any kind, from the video games of our childhood to old cars that belonged to our parents or grandparents. Years go by and new things come to take their place. These new things are more and more disposable, more and more polluting and what was previously treasured, unfortunately, remains rusting under a tent, dusty in a drawer and in the worst case, sinking in our seas.

The technological evolution of the last 20 years has introduced advances that benefit our daily lives but has also generated habits in the way we consume that promote adverse effects for our planet and our economy on a large scale. Just in Mexico, there are more than 2 million bicycle owners, of which at least a quarter of them use their bikes less than six times a year. Similarly, smartphone users, when upgrading their equipment, store the old phone, diminishing the average of its useful life. This situation is replicated with many of the items we have. Storing these goods only increases the carbon footprint that is generated annually across the world and denies the new opportunity for that product to be used by other people, thereby generating a circle that gets the most out of each item.

Given this reality, the main ideal of startups like ioio is to change the way in which the current global economic system operates. We want a much more efficient shared economy that reduces the hyper-consumerism that requires accelerated overproduction that destroys our natural resources and hyper-pollutes the world in which we live.

If we add to all this the consumption habits acquired during the pandemic related to the purchase of items on online platforms, which increased 81 percent compared to previous years, we understand that the current situation promotes and generates even more technological waste and polluting materials, which in general are difficult to recycle but that could have a second chance not only to be useful for other people but also to promote, as mentioned before, a circular economy that benefits the person who offers the product and above all provides access to material goods to people who otherwise would not have the resources to get access to those goods as new products.

We know that for different results, different actions are needed and ioio proposes a different economic system, one that is more sustainable and more in line with what we need to do today to see big changes tomorrow. We are talking about a large-scale rental model, an application that helps people make a profit by renting out their belongings without having to get rid of them. In addition, there is the possibility to rent out professional services, talents, skills, know-how, and much more. The best thing is that we cater to both sides: those looking to provide the good or service and those prefer to rent because they don't want to buy or only need something temporarily

The circular economy offers a more efficient, intelligent and healthy economic model for the world. In this sense, digital platforms are a proven solution that are not only viable but also extremely practical and efficient, since they instantly connect people anywhere in the world, allowing them to access possibilities that promote and expand their opportunities for social recreation as well as professional. In our country, the ioio platform works in favor of providing these personal connections, offering opportunities to rent additional products and services for their sale, giving people the power to choose the way they want to access these goods, challenging the large e-commerce platforms through fairer possibilities and providing a new macroeconomic panorama.

It is key to reflect on our form of consumption, especially in the face of scenarios like inflation and economic recession, during which times we can look around us to find articles that may have a second stage of useful life and are just a couple of clicks away from connecting with a person a few kilometers away who requires it.

We invite you to explore the options that you have around you to promote changes in the way we consume, seeking to increase the useful life of the material goods that we use in our day to day and benefiting the people around us. Ensuring a better tomorrow is in everyone's hands and is as simple as downloading an app or visiting a website.