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Empathize With Your Consumers This Christmas With a UGC Campaign

By Juan José Artero - Hits Book Group


Juan José Artero By Juan José Artero | CEO - Mon, 01/09/2023 - 10:00

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We know that seasonality is a key element when launching a campaign, whatever the objective of the campaign may be. Although the seasonality depends entirely on the brand or product we are talking about, it is impossible to deny that the end of the year is the strongest season, mainly due to the economic factor. But before talking about this specific time of the year, let's review the importance of seasonality in this context.

Brands must have a strategy that includes all the seasonalities of the year, they must become extremely evident and important, as they allow brands to anticipate some demands in favor of: 

  • Creating limited-edition seasonal products on certain dates or times of the year that people want to purchase and collect.

  • Updating product or service features to meet new consumer needs. 

  • Developing new launch campaigns to amplify sales volume in low consumption seasons. 

Taking into account everything we have said so far, strategically speaking, seasonal marketing and user-generated content (UGC) become powerful and effective allies, since with them we will expand our vision and enhance our future campaigns. 

Within this world, Q4 has the objective of boosting the sales of a business in certain periods of the year and on dates like Day of the Dead, Christmas, Black Friday/Buen Fin, New Year, among other interesting events to optimize corporate income. Taking advantage of this opportunity will not only allow you to have a good year-end but will also set the tone for you to start the coming year on the right foot.

Successful Combination

The end of the year is approaching, dozens of festivities are on the way and the only thing you think is that, "iI my year ends well, then next year will start even better."

Consumers don't know it, but unconsciously that video of their friends opening their gifts at Christmas, or their siblings going to buy their Halloween costume, or even the consumer himself making a haul of what he bought this good year end, are the perfect content to attract more customers and, therefore, increase sales of any brand or product.

Why Mix Seasonality With UGC?

Optimize Sales

Undoubtedly one of the main objectives is to ensure a good level of sales in times of abundant demand. For example, at Christmas, it is crucial to structure attractive promotions, launch products or identify new customer demands that can be addressed quickly. 

This can be possible by means of a UGC dynamic where people participate with a photo or a video eating the new Christmas chocolate and in which they can win incredible rewards. 

Promote Visibility

With good UGC strategies and temporary marketing campaigns, you tend to attract the attention of your audience, encouraging them to solve their consumption needs through your business.

A digital action where consumers generate their own original, creative, spontaneous and even useful content for other users makes any brand go viral.

Facilitates Campaign Planning

To develop unforgettable UGC campaigns and promotions, it is crucial to organize them in advance, mainly to increase the probability of having enough supplies and for negotiating with sponsors.

For a better understanding and to make this clearer, here is a successful case of a campaign carried out by HitsBook for Canal Sur around Christmas time, one of the Q4 festivities.

This campaign consisted of a dynamic through which the Andalusian channel invited its audience to capture and upload a video of themselves singing traditional Christmas carols. The best videos were broadcasted on the channel during the same period. This campaign managed to ignite the Christmas spirit of more than 500 participants, whose videos achieved 4 million reproductions, all this, of course, thanks to a UGC strategy.

It’s worth noting that all the results achieved were organic, within the brand's community; HitsBook technology was used to develop the campaign.

Seasonality and UGC strategies are not only successful because of their financial and time optimization, but also because the results are reflected immediately.

Achieve incredible results with UGC campaigns, taking advantage of this, or many other seasonal periods throughout the year, whether you plan ahead or decide shortly before execution.

With HitsBook you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience and interact during a specific season, as seasonal marketing can always be present in any UGC campaign. 

Photo by:   Juan Jose Artero

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