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Entrepreneurship Tackles Inequality in Mexico

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Mon, 12/21/2020 - 09:29

The digital world is a platform for people to connect all over the world. An increasing amount of people are connected every day through different media platforms. However, this has created a gap between those who can access the world the internet offers and the ones who don’t. Last year, INEGI reported that 56.1 percent of Mexican households had access to the internet. Nevertheless, where is the rest 33.9 percent? Two Mexican entrepreneurs try to ameliorate the challenges the internet world poses on people and offers them opportunities to overcome the challenges.

In All We Trust (IAWT) is a platform created by Mexican entrepreneurs that aim to create an online community of consumers that want to make purchases that will have a positive impact on Mexico, by diminishing inequalities and lack of opportunities. “As a society, we need to be more aware of the purchases we make and the effects of what we choose to consume in relation to the distribution of wealth, as well as how it will affect or benefit the people that need it the most. In IAWT we work under the concept of sustainable development, we are looking for people and consumers that are aware of the economic, social and environmental impact their purchasing decisions have. If one is to buy, it is better to buy with a purpose. As consumers, we should demand responsible products and make informed purchasing decisions,” Adriana Pulido Sandoval, Founder of IAWT, told Entrepreneur. The Mexican-created marketplace wants to support vulnerable groups in the country, by providing a space for them to commercialize their products. IAWT tries to help as many producers as they can, ranging from entrepreneur families, older citizens, people with disabilities, women in situations of vulnerability and people that have been deprived of their freedom.

Another Mexican project initiative that wants to diminish inequalities in Mexico is Share Plus, a very simple platform that has created and shared content aimed at three levels of education in Mexico: elementary, televised middle school, and technical middle school. What sets Share Plus apart is that it does not require internet access once the content has been downloaded to any device, with people being able to access the content via WhatsApp. More than 500 professors are using this app currently, with around 30 students each, reports Entrepreneur. “I have been greatly surprised by the large response from volunteers that share their work on Share Plus. My biggest satisfaction is seeing so many young people concerned and aware about the situation of education in our country. They know that education is the future and we have to do something for that sector,” Alejandro Gabriel, Founder of Share Plus, told Entrepreneur.

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