Future of Logistics: From Express Delivery to Same-Day Delivery
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Future of Logistics: From Express Delivery to Same-Day Delivery

Photo by:   Iñaqui de la Peña
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Iñaqui de la Peña - Dostavista
Country Manager


Q: How is Dostavista revolutionizing express messaging services?
A: We are a startup that operates in 10 countries and we have been in Mexico for three years. The company had exponential growth almost five years ago when nine countries opened in two and a half years in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Starting in 2017, Dostavista began to build a customer base and a market in Mexico. Today, we have come to revolutionize the industry and consider ourselves as one of the two companies with the greatest reach and market share worldwide in express messaging services. The two characteristics that make Dostavista great at what it does are affordable costs and the speed of our deliveries.

Q: What changes will technology introduce for digital express messaging services in light of the pandemic?
A: COVID-19 is among the world events that has become a turning point in technological adoption and in how business is done. Globally, the pandemic has accelerated technology and e-commerce adoption. All the markets where Dostavista operates have performed differently. Yet, in Mexico, where the technological and e-commerce industries are in diapers, we expect considerable growth for new players and a consolidation of those players that have been in the marketplace for a longer time. We are also seeing the appearance of dark stores in Mexico that six months ago did not exist. Dark stores are stores designed for the consumer to receive their online purchases, or those that function as distribution warehouses for the electronic sales of large retail companies. Today's food platforms have revolutionized the restaurant industry that has been severely affected as their guests are no longer able to eat locally. However, the situation has also put the commissions that these platforms charge to restaurants and food places under the spotlight. 
2021 will mark a difference in how companies in Mexico provide their offer to consumers. Companies that have modernized and generated disruptive changes in reaction to the challenges that we are seeing today in the consumption of products and services will become the strong players of tomorrow.

Q: What has been Dostavista's operating experience in Mexico?
A: We have the advantage of being a global company that operates in different types of markets and that has enough experience to go anywhere in the world. Despite how different Moscow (Dostavista's place of origin) may seem from Mexico City, it is a very similar city. This has made us understand that our markets are where there are large concentrations of populations. Mexico City is responsible for 60 percent of package shipments, making it our key market. So we are where we have to be. In addition, we need to strengthen our presence in other cities like Guadalajara.

One of the most important factors in our supply chain and that makes a difference for the end customer and our direct client, which are companies and individuals, is that we seek to provide the best conditions for our couriers. One of the initiatives that we generate within the company to understand the messenger and ensure that he or she has the best experience is that employees in the company must be a messenger for one day. This helps us to generate empathy and greater compassion.

Q: What difference does it make that Dostavista is a Russian company in a country dominated by American courier companies?
A: Actually, not much, because almost nobody identifies us with being a company of Russian origin and by chance, our logo is Mexican pink. In the end, what matters and what our clients recognize is that we are a company that provides them with a quality service that meets their needs and it does not matter if we are from Brazil, China or from another country. This is in addition to the fact that we are backed by international funds, which makes us a Russian company but with a global touch.

Q: How does Dostavista think the global messaging market will evolve?
A: Today, the express market is quite competitive, but those who offer a service like ours, which is fast and accessible, have a large share of the market. On the other hand, same-day delivery is a little-explored market niche that looks promising for the near future. Today, there is really no same-day delivery in Mexico and those big companies that offer it do not deliver on the same day or those that do it charge very high prices. For that reason, we are looking to develop a same-day delivery product or within 36 hours at 40 percent of today's courier cost. This project a joint initiative with Gandhi. We want to add more e-commerce as part of our business vision to provide more accessible and faster services.

Photo by:   Iñaqui de la Peña

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