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Kredi: Mexico’s New Mortgage Loan Marketplace

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 03/26/2021 - 17:27

Mexican entrepreneurs Javier Aldape, Fernando Nader, Hernán Belden and Juan Carlos Mercado have launched Kredi, a fintech company that offers a marketplace where Mexicans looking to buy a home can find the financing scheme that fits their needs. “We started with Kredi when the world was starting to paralyze and “uncertainty” was the word on everyone’s lips. However, despite all that, we decided to continue with the creation of a marketplace specifically designed for mortgage loans, which allowed people to get the best credit possible,” Javier Aldape told Forbes Mexico.

The fintech startup, which plans to start investing in Mexico with about US$25 million in mortgages, is part of the growing trend to digitalize financial and real estate services that is emerging to address housing challenges. “Demographics in Mexico dictate that housing demand will grow meaningfully over the next decade. However, a restrictive and expensive mortgage market and a widening affordability gap are excluding this emerging generation from realizing their aspirations,” said Wol Birch Reynardson, Co-Founder of Casa Bravo, in an interview with MBN. The real estate industry in Mexico could benefit from digitalization in this sense, as it could be a door opener for more people to have access to loans they perhaps would not be able to get. “By digitalizing the real estate industry, Mexico is opening the door to new investment opportunities, leading to the creation of jobs in several markets: from software developers and customer service executives to specialized real estate agents, stimulating the workforce in a post-pandemic era,” explained Nico Barawid, CEO and Co-Founder of Carai, in an article for MBN.

According to Kredi’s website, the entire process is online and gives customers over 10 options to help them make an informed decision when acquiring a mortgage loan. It also saves potential customers the need to wait in long lines in banks. Best of all, its service is  free. “The process with Kredi is simple, clients go to our website and fill out a single credit application. Then, we do a screening process with different tools such as the credit bureau. Once approved, we go to different banks and ask them what each one of them can offer to each case. To give each client as many options possible,” detailed the entrepreneur to Forbes Mexico. The company still has a small team of 12 people but it is hoping that by the next year or two it will be able to expand to more countries in Latin America, like Colombia or Guatemala.

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