Mexican Entrepreneurs Face COVID-19
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Mexican Entrepreneurs Face COVID-19

Photo by:   Samuel Ramos, Unsplash
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Jorge Ramos Zwanziger By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/16/2021 - 15:06

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for industries worldwide but Mexican entrepreneurs have decided to turn this around. Recent graduates Naoli García, Daniel Pérez and Uri Goldberg Kleiman worked to turn the pandemic’s challenges into opportunities by collaborating in the creation and development of Oxígeno, a platform that provides users with updated information on the availability of oxygen tanks in Mexico City and Monterrey, reports TecReview. In the middle of a pandemic, finding an oxygen tank may be a life-or-death situation for patients with serious symptoms.

On Oxígeno’s website, users can get information about places that sell oxygen tanks, including the address, contact number, availability and payment methods. Oxygen tank suppliers may also get verified to guarantee safety in transactions, to avoid any scams which unfortunately have occurred when purchasing these products. “I am very pleased to be able to give people another option to deal with the current health crisis from a collaborative strategy. Oxígeno allows people to have easy access to information, which can be difficult if you do not have technology skills. We all have the right to be able to meet our health needs or those of our family members,” said García to TecReview. The group started in Mexico City, as it is the city that has been the most affected by the pandemic. However, the entrepreneurs are planning to expand to even more cities, including Guadalajara and Puebla.

Another company tackling COVID-19 challenges is BAI, created by siblings Tania and Yoan Chávez. Back in 2016, they started selling natural cleaning and disinfecting products. They wanted organic products that could be beneficial for the environment and that could be the least damaging to human health, reports Forbes Mexico. In 2018, the siblings created BAI to produce and sell their own cleaning products with their own formulas. It was the pandemic that allowed their business to grow when disinfecting products became vital for many. The company increased its sales fivefold and this year, the Chávez siblings are planning to increase their production capacity from 200,000L of disinfectant a month to 1.5 million L a month.

Not all is rosy as the pandemic has also brought challenges, particularly in terms of product distribution, as well as the acquisition of PET containers, which BAI uses to package its products. The company sells its products online, with two-day deliveries for most of the country. Its products are also sold at many stores including Farmacias del Ahorro, Liverpool and Sanborns, as well as the online platform Mercado Libre.


Photo by:   Samuel Ramos, Unsplash

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