Mexico Business, FrontierView Launch MexicoView Executive Network
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Mexico Business, FrontierView Launch MexicoView Executive Network

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Jeroen Posma By Jeroen Posma | Managing Director - Wed, 03/17/2021 - 12:37

Mexico’s business leaders face an unpredictable environment as it attempts to recover from its deepest economic contraction in nearly a century. To stay ahead of potential risks and identify new opportunities, independent information provider Mexico Business and leading market intelligence firm FrontierView on Wednesday introduced a new joint venture to provide exclusive market intelligence and advance discussions concerning industries critical to Mexico’s ongoing development: MexicoView Executive Network.

The invitation-only platform hosts a community of Mexico-based senior business leaders sharing best practices and deliberating business opportunities. The goal of the products and services venture is also to combine local market expertise with a global perspective, highlighting important cross-regional trends. Included in the platform is powerful market intelligence with decision-critical data forecasts, analyst insights and market analysis.

Key to the MexicoView Executive Network is its exclusive insider community of busines leaders. The platform will host rapid-response webinars to address emerging global issues, provide analyst video briefings highlighting themes that are moving industries, and make available an extensive video and webinar recording archive.

In addition, the network will hold closed-door executive roundtables to promote confidential networking and peer exchange, supplemented by Mexico Business Events’ industry-leading virtual and in-person annual conferences.

“Nearly every executive we speak to is resetting their growth plans and their priorities for a post-pandemic world, with a fresh look about where to play, how to play and how to win. That is where we believe MexicoView can help. By bringing together the world-class business coverage and events from the Mexico Business side with the award-winning research team and market intelligence from FrontierView, we aim to provide (business leaders) with a powerful offering to help inform key decisions, strategic planning and ongoing market monitoring routines, which have become so critical during the current environment,” said Richard Leggett, CEO of FrontierView, during a webinar to launch the service.

Leggett and Jeroen Posma, CEO of Mexico Business, will act as co-CEOs of MexicoView Executive Network. The Mexico Business group includes Mexico Business News, Mexico Business Events, Mexico Business Publishing and Mexico Business Communication.

What differentiates the platform’s market intelligence, Leggett added, is that it is built specifically for business executives, including its look, content and actionability. “It includes research and insights, including country research, regional research and cross-regional and global analysis, an extensive proprietary database of leading indicators, with 10 years of forecasts that we update every month, and customizable dashboards and tools to harmonize any market monitoring activities,” Leggett said.

Today in Mexico, business leaders are dealing with an uncertain landscape, carved from the global COVID-19 pandemic but also a political administration that has thrown a wrench in the workings of many sectors. Global investors looking at Mexico see uncertainty, leading to a pause in investment flows, while business leaders work up strategies to prepare for what will come next.

“There will be winners and losers during times of change like in 2020 and 2021 and we want you all to be winners,” Posma told the webinar audience. As such, the joint venture is offering executives a free 45-day trial to give users a deeper insight into what the platform offers and how to take advantage of its solutions. “In the end, if you have access to the right information and the right people, you are likely to be among the winners,” Posma said.

Leggett added that he believes the combination of community, analyst briefings and market intelligence is unique in the market. “Most importantly, it will help (business leaders) and their teams to outperform expectations, stay ahead of the curve and also stay aligned in anticipating and interpreting changes in the external environment that will impact your industries and your customers,” said Leggett.

MexicoView Executive Network will play a prominent role in bridging the gaps, providing the necessary information to plan, strategize and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

About MexicoView Executive Network

MexicoView Executive Network is a collaboration between the leading voice of executives in the market, Mexico Business, and global market intelligence firm FrontierView. It combines FrontierView’s deep market expertise, research and data capabilities with Mexico Business’ wealth of experience convening senior decision-makers to advance important discussions concerning industries critical to Mexico’s ongoing development. For more information, please visit

About Mexico Business

Mexico Business is an independent provider of business information, industry data and marketing solutions in print, digital and online formats, through its Mexico Business News (MBN) platform. The company publishes market-leading annual reviews of the main sectors of the Mexican economy, including oil and gas, energy and sustainability, mining, business, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, aviation and aerospace and infrastructure. Through its events and digital platforms, it connects key stakeholders and provides in-depth analysis of the main business opportunities, technology trends and structural changes in each industry, accelerating the exchange of vital industry information. Its units include Mexico Business Events, Mexico Business Publishing and Mexico Business Communications. For more information, please visit and

About FronterView

FrontierView is a leading market intelligence and advisory firm that supports the international growth mandates of multinationals across every sector of the global economy. FrontierView provides clients with a range of subscription offerings as well as custom research solutions to help inform their strategic planning, market growth and ongoing market monitoring initiatives. FrontierView is headquartered in Washington, DC with offices in London and Singapore. For more information, please visit

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