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Mobile Marketing 2023: 10 Trends to Watch

By Jesús Juárez - Adjust
Country Manager


By Jesús Juarez | Country Manager - Tue, 03/14/2023 - 12:00

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Recent years have set the pace for accelerated growth in the mobile marketing industry. Data from AMVO’s Study of Online Sales 2023 show that 98% of Mexican digital buyers are users of mobile devices and these are now essential for the digital ecosystem.

But e-commerce is just one example of the verticals in which the mobile industry has grown. From fintech to gaming, applications have found an important place in everyday life. So the hottest topics related to them, such as measurement and aggregated data, media mix modeling, CTV and content, will be among the trends for this year.

For this column, I gathered the opinions of several Adjust colleagues, who are experts in the mobile marketing industry, to have a complete picture of the trends that we will see in the coming months. Take a look and think about whether it’s time to adjust your marketing strategy.

  1. Maximizing marketing efficiencies with centralized data will be a top priority for businesses

At a time when marketers are pressured to be more strategic with their marketing budgets to maximize performance, accurate and rapid decision-making on where and how to most effectively and efficiently allocate that spend can be the difference between failure and success. A unified, centralized approach to data analysis and reporting will likely be high up on leaders' agendas in 2023. 

  1. Money follows measurement 

The economic and industry challenges mean that measurement of marketing campaigns and the ability to prove ROI will remain business critical this year. The potential to reach new users is at an all-time high for mobile marketers. The reason we saw such a big shift to digital in the past decade was because of its measurement abilities, and the same can be said for the shift to mobile.

  1. Marketing teams will need to do more with less

Within the marketing arena, we are going from a land where businesses had more than 30 tools in their marketing department to a few sophisticated tools that can do much more across many different channels. In today’s competitive business environment and uncertain economy, companies are unsurprisingly looking to do more with less. 

  1. Forecasting through media mix modeling will make a comeback

Today’s marketers have been so focused on historical numbers, such as user acquisition, spend, and return on ad spend (ROAS), and less focus has been placed on strategy and planning ahead. Coming out of the variability of the pandemic years, coupled with the uncertain economic environment, we will see the comeback over the next few years of forecasting through media mix modeling (MMM) as a way to determine the impact of marketing tactics on a business objective, alongside data-driven attribution. 

  1. Rise of “citizen developers”

Citizen developers will emerge as a popular way to scale application development beyond traditional means. Complex coding practices will become widely replaced with low-code and no-code tools, enabling non-technical individuals within everyday teams to utilize simpler development formats to build more customer-centric applications. 

  1. Big brands will become ad networks 

Big brands, such as Mercado Libre, Rappi and Amazon, are now figuring out how to monetize their first-party data, and more brands will recognize the valuable opportunity to become their very own ad network. While aggregated data is the land of the future, marketers and advertisers will continue to make use of their highest-quality users to measure and monetize. Brands with expansive user pools combined with a good opt-in rate will likely succeed, leveling the playing field for what was once a social media-dominated game.

  1. CTV Strategies will be used to target niche audiences

White-label streaming technology is becoming increasingly available and easier to use. Together with the rising popularity of AVOD and FAST, this will trigger a boom in niche streaming services with very specific audiences, allowing marketers to run extremely precise ads with tailored campaigns that will lead to great ROI through conversion. With measurability across the board, marketers are in a better position than ever to leverage the power of CTV and witness improved performance and effective advertising in this space.

  1. CTV advertising will weather the storm of a looming recession

CTV has evolved into a measurable, accountable performance marketing channel. The economic downturn has accelerated the already rampant cord cutting, resulting in even more ad inventory available on the market. We’ve reached the point where the entire user’s journey is measurable, and using upper-funnel data, marketers can see exactly how TV ads tie into the wider marketing goals. 

  1. Content as key element for the future of CTV in the digital advertising industry

The 2022 Soccer World Cup gave us a glimpse of how content continues to be a key element to generate user engagement on digital platforms. The content generated by users, streaming platforms or TV stations, has provided a strong boost to the digital industry for the development of new communication points with potential consumers of brands. In Latin America, a new media player will be CTV. Some of the most important players that will evolve in the region, specifically in Mexico, are Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vix+, and Disney+. From a strategic point of view for marketing campaigns, CTV will become relevant in the media mix for the top of the mobile and web conversion funnel. 

  1. Monetization in mobile gaming will continue to flourish

In 2023, monetization in mobile gaming will continue to flourish. Effectively monetizing apps will be key to ensuring financial success. Strategies range from free-to-play games that depend entirely on ad revenue or in-app purchases, to subscription games that require players to pay to play. By taking a multipronged approach when it comes to monetization, app developers can more effectively cater to different types of players and access multiple revenue streams.

Photo by:   Jesús Juárez

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