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Mobile Marketing: An Opportunity to Gain New Users

By Mario Nissan - LIP Ventures Boutique
Managing Partner


By Mario Nissan | Managing Partner - Fri, 06/10/2022 - 13:00

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Today, the vast majority of internet connections are made from smartphones, which makes internet connection more accessible and opens doors for mobile marketing: a new arm of digital marketing that draws on a series of strategies to promote and position products or services through mobile devices.

Therefore, gaining mobile users is a main objective for many companies. According to AndroidSpain, there are several types of mobile users that can be classified into three categories:

  • BASIC: This are the people who believe that cellphones are only used for making and receiving calls and they are indifferent toward other features these may have.
  • MEDIAL: Most users fall into this category. They are those who are not experts, yet they use their phones as a GPS, they surf the web and download applications, although they are completely unaware of how the operating system works.
  • ADVANCED: They are constantly removing and downloading applications, switching and optimizing their operating systems and making the most of all the features.

More and more generations are going from medial to advanced users, expanding the opportunities for mobile companies and applications and strengthening mobile marketing.

Fun fact: According to a report by the consulting firm The Competitive Intelligence Unit, a total of 115.8 million smartphones were recorded in Mexico at the end of 2020, which represents a 91.6 percent adoption rate on the overall 126 million phone lines that operate in the country.

The numbers are compelling; companies that do not complement their traditional strategies with new digital platforms risk falling behind, but to achieve this, they must develop a strategic plan of gradual actions geared toward specific objectives, with guidance from field experts that ensure a successful transformation; otherwise, resources may go to waste.

Companies like Ongaze, a Mexican company focused on offering martech/adtech solutions and aimed at opening the local market (Mexico and/or Latin America) to foreign companies in order to boost their income, can help in this transition. Through its services, such as user acquisition and engagement and DSP Mobile Service, Ongaze supports companies like Zoomd, a martech company located in Israel whose main objective is to cooperate with advertisers and content publishers to reach their key performance indicators (KPIs), with advertising solutions based on results (performance). This is achieved by using Ongaze’s main services, which have allowed it to increase its clients’ ROI up to 60 percent.

Its main services are:

  • User acquisition and engagement
  • DSP Mobile Service
  • Marketing content creators service
  • SAAS Service (TBA for Latin America)
  • Search engine for publishers

Thanks to its partners, Ongaze is building an ecosystem of cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions, such as user acquisition, app engagement and creative automation, among others. It also offers a 360° service to the partners it represents within our country, such as:

  • Commercial: opening markets, producing new sales channels, creating new business sources, prospecting for new clients, launching products/services and closing.
  • Operation: customer service and support, revenue optimization (cross-selling & up-selling), self-managed services.
  • Management: local billing, tax strategy, collection, etc.

Through various advertising formats, such as video, display, native ads, search, playable interactive and content creators, among others, that run on its platform, which is connected to over 600 channels across social media, global publishers, affiliate networks, SDK and device ecosystems, Ongaze gains new users in Mexico and Latin America for foreign companies such as Zoomd.The artificial intelligence system, in conjunction with its operations team, optimizes segmentation and traffic buying, attaining each client’s goal and gaining new users in less than 24-72 hours.

Depending on each company’s performance objectives and budget, Ongaze guarantees a gain of up to thousands of new real users and/or sign-ups per day, quite appealing figures.

This is just one example of the mobile marketing transformation, which is certainly a great opportunity to reach more users and assertively advertise each company’s products/services. The key is knowing how to make the most of it.

Photo by:   Mario Nissan

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