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Positive Experience: The Key to Generating Loyal Customers

By Chiara Sheldon - Reworth
Co-Founder and COO


By Chiara Sheldon | Co founder - Tue, 02/15/2022 - 11:00

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After almost two years of the pandemic, user behavior has evolved radically and priorities have changed. In fact, there are studies that indicate that 39 percent of consumers in the world today give more value to the customer experience than to the price of the products when they choose which stores to buy from.

That is why at Reworth we believe that it is essential to look at the user experience as a key factor in generating consumer loyalty and retaining it through a positive, personalized customer journey that generates a sense of satisfaction.

For this, the offer of rewards is positioned as a crucial ingredient. In fact, there are figures that indicate that 74 percent of Generation Z and 70 percent of millennials increase their average online spending  when they know that they will instantly receive a 5 percent cashback for having made that purchase.

And no, the rewards programs are not the traditional discount coupons or the typical additional cards in which you accumulate a minimum percentage of points after spending thousands of pesos to receive simple movie tickets.

Today, companies must ensure that they have an ally that allows them to offer a cashback strategy that benefits both the merchant and the financial institution, and, of course, the customers, who are the ones who will return again and again to that business that rewarded them for being frequent consumers.

Remember that loyalty programs that imply difficulties to collect the rewards, such as the need to install extra applications, have slow registrations or carry additional plastic, will never generate higher levels of loyalty or improvements on the customer experience.

Conversely, strategies focused on direct reimbursement to the bank cards with which customers pay are required, without limitation of time or spending it in the same establishment. This generates a positive sentiment that can, as a consequence, increase the average ticket in future purchases and improve engagement.

And no, this should not be an investment concern for businesses: today, it is possible to register with cashback platforms, such as Reworth, free of charge, without forced deadlines, in a process of no more than 5 minutes and with the percentage that the business itself chooses to allocate to this program.

In a context in which customers are not only basing purchases on the price of products, having reward strategies that improve the customer experience becomes essential, since the need to offer a satisfactory experience is a growing necessity, not an extra value for the customer.

Photo by:   Chiara Sheldon

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