Iñaqui de la Peña
Country Manager
Borzo Mexico
Startup Contributor

Rebranding: Global Experience, Local Presence

By Iñaqui De La Peña | Thu, 10/14/2021 - 15:09

As a company, it is important to continuously set new objectives for the brand as it evolves and deals with new challenges and situations. That is why, two years ago, we began to formulate a plan to unify our company and offer a new value proposal for all clients around the world: a single app for all countries that are part of our company to create a great customer experience globally.

There are a lot of reasons why a brand chooses to change its name. The importance is in knowing the principal reasons that drove this change and working on a communication or media plan that helps spread this reasoning in a consistent and logical way.

One of our biggest objectives as a company has just come true. For a brand, a rebranding could be an opportunity to keep innovating in its sector and grow in the direction it wants to go. That's exactly our case.

As the leading, crowdsourced same-day delivery service operating globally, Borzo unifies our businesses in 10 different countries under a single brand. As part of its growth strategy, our company also raised US$35 million in a Series C funding round. Our investors include Mubadala, VNV Global, RDIF and Flashpoint Venture Capital. With the money raised, we are strengthening our position in the international market under the Borzo brand and developing new products.

The coronavirus pandemic demonstrated the importance of being resilient and staying strong as a global company, while understanding how the market reacted in different parts of the world and trying to create a hypothesis that could apply in Mexico.

Lockdowns also accelerated an already-rising digital economy, shifting consumer habits and setting new behavioral trends. Delivery apps have become more important for both business owners and their customers as during and even after the coronavirus pandemic people are more likely to order home delivery. This applies not only to food but also to different goods – despite the demand, the options for affordable, same-day delivery of goods are very limited and Borzo solves this problem for its business customers.

As a country manager, rebranding means different things for me than for the rest of the team. The principal reason is that as employee No. 4, my vision and objectives for this company have changed and grown significantly. Mexico has been recognized globally in several areas as a country moving toward brand consciousness. In our case, we were just a Russian company with a pink Mexican logo. Today, with our global presence and branding, we will become recognized at a top of the shelf company. This is not only because of the brand but because of our global view of how to conduct express delivery service in 100-plus cities. Now, you will see our strong fleet on each corner, at each stoplight, delivering your favorite products not only around Mexico City but eventually in more cities. We expect our customers to feel safe while receiving one of our couriers delivering a parcel and to recommend us every day as the best delivery service.

This is the conclusion of a two-year plan that unifies us as a company and gives our clients control of all the options related to their delivery, no matter what country they live in. This is a global effort that shows innovation, resilience and many more qualities.

You will hear more from us. That I guarantee.

Photo by:   Iñaqui de la Peña