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Urban Mobility: Life and Work in the New Normality

By Renato Picard | Tue, 09/01/2020 - 13:38

Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented event. While pandemics are a part of human history, never has one spread so rapidly and so effectively. An hyperconnected and globalized world meant that, in less than four months, a virus that began in a remote part of China ended up affecting the entire planet and at the time of writing, the official toll stood at 23.9 million infected people and rising.

Society is shaken, disoriented, and struggling to keep up its spirits. For businesspeople, entrepreneurs and executives with the responsibility of directing the return to activities, the time has come to make important decisions about what their new reality will be like and what is the best way to face it and master the new rules of the game.


The reopening of economic activities means everyone will face new and unexpected conditions that from now on will govern the decisions and behaviors of individuals and companies. Mexican companies now have different responsibilities, such as complying with Mexican regulations and above all, keeping employees and customers safe. A common mistake is to base strategies on less effective and sometimes even more expensive solutions, which is not only inconvenient but even dangerous.

The business sector is committed to rising up and putting the country back on its feet, so today more than ever it is essential that companies redesign their operations and business models based on the appropriate strategy and taking a genuine interest in their valuable human resources. An appropriate alliance with companies that are clear about this process will allow the potentiation of results, to look to the future understanding the present and having learned from the past.

What worries people and their families?
The workplace has had to rethink the way in which it moves and interacts. Employees have modified their work arrangements and in some cases, have lost their jobs. Those who need to go out to work bear in mind the concern for their own health and economy, but also the fear of being the carriers of a tragedy for someone else in their families, which is why this pandemic has come to revolutionize our thinking and our priorities.

What concerns companies and their operational and business models?
Businesses on their own are focused on their responsibilities and the effort that it means to rise as a company and as a society. It is essential that they redesign their operational and business models based on a strategy that puts their valuable human resources first. It is important to find allies that support the construction of a culture of health where a healthy lifestyle and good habits are a priority for everyone.


The new normal presents challenges and opportunities in how people and businesses can redesign their work patterns. This is how four dimensions that need to be analyzed are identified:

  • space
  • time
  • the mind of the worker and
  • the structuring and operation of companies

With space, we must analyze what happens at home, in the office, on the road and in any other place where people commonly spend time working.
When we talk about time, we think about avoiding rush hours and crowds, adapting to the new forms and times of the market and the new needs of the different people in the company.

If we think about what goes through the mind of the worker, this involves personal habits, the promotion of active mobility, the most intelligent use of transport and especially the issue of tranquility and emotional stability.

Finally, regarding the restructuring and operation of the companies, it is necessary to think about new development objectives and above all, a new definition of criticality for collaborators.

These four points will be developed in the next article.

Photo by:   Renato Picard