Using the Audience to Generate TV Show Formats
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Using the Audience to Generate TV Show Formats

Photo by:   Juan José Artero
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By Juan José Artero - Hitsbook


The digital era is impacting almost every industry, forcing the media to transform their business models. Clearly, 2021 has been a key factor in the adoption of the digital transformation worldwide.

For this reason, Hits Book has generated strategies focused on audiovisual projects, based on user-generated content (UGC), caught through our innovative technology. These contents were adapted to produce programs using the videos that our digital platform fans have uploaded during a permanent interaction frame through different campaigns.

“Always On” campaigns capture content and manage audiences in a constant interaction, generating multiplatform formats that are fresh, entertaining and always updated.

This makes it feasible to generate new content properties that, in the long term, will have an independent life to strengthen the engagement of audiences and communities. In addition, it will grow content territories and consumption points, positioning the media with new commercial opportunities.

Oh My Pet!

Oh My Pet! is the perfect example of how our technological solution works: platform UGC + community. It capitalized on all the assets generated by creators and pet lovers to become a content channel that has generated branding and multichannel marketing actions.

Through distribution in media such as open TV, paid TV, VODs and OTTs, it has been possible to obtain great reach levels, while generating engagement, consolidating our audience’s relationship with brands and services in a lively and efficient synergy.

Oh My Pet! It is now available on Pluto TV and Amazon Prime Video, platforms where users can enjoy Gativideos, Humanimales, Pets with Glamour, Pet Play and Wild Love, among many others.

Photo by:   Juan José Artero

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