Mexico Business News and Mexico Oil & Gas Review 2019/20 Launched

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 18:43

Mexico Business Publishing, the country’s leading source of first-hand business information, launched its digital content platform Mexico Business News this evening in the presence of over 400 business and political leaders in Mexico City. “What started as a dream to prepare Mexico’s leading industry reviews will now transform the way in which business and political leaders can access essential information that helps them to shape the future of Mexico’s main industries,” said Jeroen Posma, Director of the Mexico Business group of companies. “In the current context of political, economic and technological change, platforms that connect leaders and facilitate the exchange of ideas are more important than ever. We are proud to be working for and with Mexico’s business and political leaders to shape a better tomorrow for the country.”

Covering key industries including energy, oil and gas, mining, automotive, aerospace, health, infrastructure, agribusiness, and finance, the Mexico Business group of companies offers an integrated communication portfolio consisting of annual reviews, digital publications, conferences, networking events, communication consulting service and gastronomic experiences. Today’s addition of a high-level B2B business online information platform takes the group to a new level, bringing together the content of 1,500 annual face-to-face interviews with business leaders invited to share their insights with its audience. “This unprecedented access to ideas, insights and ambitions of Mexico’s business and political leaders will help Mexico to capitalize on its tremendous potential for years to come. We are more committed than ever to continue supporting the country’s success,” said Posma.

The presentation of Mexico Business News also marked the launch of Mexico Oil & Gas Review 2019/20, the 8th edition of the publication that laid the foundation for Mexico Business group. After a year of significant industry change, this publication provides oil and gas industry leaders with an inside perspective on the industry’s main trends and is destined to serve as an important decision-making tool to help guide the industry’s development in 2020.