Luis Cervantes
Executive President
Finaccess México
View from the Top

Boutique Manager Offers Reduced-Cost Model

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 15:52

Q: What does Finaccess offer the Mexican financial sector that its competitors cannot?
A: Finaccess is a fund management company founded in 2000. We manage more than MX$21 billion in assets from 2,500 clients and we have 12 investment funds. Our clients include individuals and institutions that manage their treasury and pension funds with us. We have a commercial alliance with Credit Suisse in Mexico, an institution with international prestige. We jointly manage with them five mutual funds investing in international equity strategies and international and local fixed income.
Q: What is the average profile of Finaccess’ clients?
A: Our customer profile varies according to their risk appetite. Customers must understand that if they want a higher return, they should be willing to take greater risks. However, as a fund manager, our responsibility is to reduce risk and avoid surprises for our customers. We have accomplished this in our 17 years of operation in the market. We have three customized portfolios that fit the profile of our clients: moderate, conservative and aggressive. The average account of our clients is MX$6 million and the most popular portfolio is moderate. However, clients can always adapt their portfolio to their liquidity needs.
Q: What added value does Finaccess offer its clients?
A: We have a competitive management fee. While the market average cost is 1.80 percent, our fee has been reduced to 0.50 percent. We can offer these conditions because we are a boutique fund manager with a reduced-cost model. We are not an ocean liner; we are a sailboat with a robust engine and we are committed to our customers. We rank 11th among the top 30 fund managers in Mexico. We work with a Spanish fund manager, EDM.