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Buenbit Turns Crypto into a More Accessible Resource

Bárbara Garza - Buenbit
Country Manager


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 03/03/2022 - 11:10

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Q: Why was Mexico chosen as one of Buenbit’s strategic locations?

A: Buenbit started its operations in Argentina, followed by Peru and Mexico. Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking market in Latin America and has great retention and adoption of cryptocurrencies, making the country an easy choice to enter. There are many areas of opportunity but with so much investment and the country’s technological development, it seemed like a market that we had to be in.



Q: How is Buenbit supporting the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the country?

A: In Mexico, there is already a certain degree of adoption of cryptocurrencies (15.2% of internet users in Mexico own crypto), which is a good introduction for us. Anyhow, we still have to continue working on educating users, which has been one of the biggest challenges we faced. Also, other players have helped create a much more regularized environment for the use of cryptocurrencies, which has been helpful but there is a long way to go. We focus on making it easier for people to access and understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies by creating a very simple and easy-to-use app, creating dialogue and providing podcasts and others that offer free content to introduce people to the basics. We understand that this is a new topic that changes from day to day, so it is important to transmit this information in the simplest possible way.



Q: How is the company adding value for those users who already own cryptocurrencies?

A: As of today, our product is crypto-only so anyone who already has a crypto coin can bring it to Buenbit. Our added value is that the client can invest their cryptos with us and generate returns. We are constantly introducing new features and new tokens in our app to provide a more attractive product. We accept BTC, ETHER and DAI and provide investors with good results. With just 2 clicks inside our app, anyone can earn attractive amounts. Users get daily We also provide daily liquidity and investments can be accessed at any time.



Q: What tech tools can users take advantage of by joining Buenbit’s digital experience?

A: Buenbit is very much focused on simplifying everything around crypto. We want to make sure everyone has access to the benefits of DeFi. As such, our application is very easy to use and we are constantly creating educational content.
 has focused on education so interested parties and new users can take full advantage of this tool. Part of the company’s mission is to simplify the crypto market. We are developing a YouTube channel with videos that explain blockchain in simple terms, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and other content in social media with media. with clear and direct information so that decisions can be made quickly and easily.  

Our application is very easy to use because our goal is to be as clear and direct as possible so that decisions can be made quickly and easily.



Q: How is the company generating an easy, safe and legal avenue to manage transactions involving crypto?

A: We focus on making our application easy to use and on providing users with audiovisual content to help them understand how to generate income from cryptocurrencies, always in line with the regulatory framework. Although Mexico does not have regulations governing cryptocurrencies, we still strive to work as closely as possible to the existing regulatory framework.


Finally, in terms of security, every user completes a KYC process with which we verify that users are who they say they are, we use cold wallets, and we also have our programs, including features such as double authentication (2FA), can verify that users are who they say they are. We have a team also have a division dedicated to ensuring that no money laundering takes place within the platform.



Q: How have cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals evolved in recent years and what is expected going forward?  

A: Adoption has been increasing. This is not limited to Buenbit. A growing number of people are using cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Many industries and countries also are interested in making transactions using cryptocurrencies, making the ecosystem more robust and validating this technology. We forecast exponential growth for this technology.



Q: How will Buenbit further expand its brand and services in Mexico?

A: We are committed to growing our business in Mexico and there’s a big opportunity to do so. Our current product here doesn’t include everything that we offer in other markets, such as cards that allow users to spend this capital and zero-interest loans with the coins as collateral. 

Also, adding more tokens, integrating other blockchains, and providing more options for users to access, earn and use their money are some of the things we are and will be working on during the upcoming months. Eventually, we will seek to enter many other countries, expanding beyond Latin America. But while the app is now available in other countries, there has been no real effort to expand the brand because at this point all our attention is on the Mexican market. In Mexico, we will focus on generating other uses, such as creating cards that allow users to spend this capital and adding more cryptocurrencies to our platform. Buenbit also offers zero-interest loans with coins as collateral. But while the app is now available in other countries, there has been no real effort to expand the brand because at this point all our attention is on the Mexican market


Buenbit is a platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Mexico, Peru and Argentina with no added fees or hidden costs.

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