Ernesto López Clariond
Chairman Of The Board
Banco Bancrea
View from the Top

Cordiality: An Entrepeneur-Oriented Banking Strategy

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 17:50

Q: What makes Banco Bancrea a “cordial bank” and how does that make a difference for clients?
A: A year and a half before opening Banco Bancrea, we already knew that we wanted to be a different kind of bank. Having an entrepreneurial perspective, we developed Bancrea based on the idea of being a cordial and open banking institution that would deliver financing support to entrepreneurs. After five years of operations, our portfolio totals MX$11 billion (US$552 million) and we know that the most important part of our business is the people we work with. In all cases, we consider the feasibility of the project to be financed based on the proposal and the person, instead of using rigid parameters.
Q: What is the profile of the entrepreneurs with whom Bancrea collaborates?
A: Bancrea’s goal is to explore innovative and different ideas. Our team of experts is responsible for evaluating the proposal; if it makes sense for us, we support it. Our parameters are personalized, opening the door to the best and most sustainable ideas. Bancrea’s loans average MX$15 million (US$737,000) but we work with a wide variety of company sizes and profiles. Companies come for a value offer that includes greater speed, time and personalized attention. Our services and solutions are focused on the client.