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Facilitating Digital Payments, Making Business Flexible

By Sofía Hanna | Tue, 06/07/2022 - 13:13

Q: What opportunities are SMEs missing by not diversifying their payment methods?

A: Clients want to buy what they need in the easiest way possible. If payment methods are not diversified, it becomes more difficult for the customer to obtain the product. The client will always want flexibility, ease of payment, convenience and security because they sometimes do not feel comfortable giving out their credit card information. Businesses, small or large, must always make it easier for clients to buy their products or services. 


Q: How does your Omni-Commerce Payment solution benefit clients?

A: We offer a range of solutions that allow us to follow certified information management procedures, tools and processes. The Omni-Commerce Payment tool addresses the need to manage different sales channels. Today’s businesses need to offer different solutions, from online sales to picking a product at the store. This is a fairly complete solution that has been highly successful in the Mexican market. 


Q: How do you present these benefits to companies that are still skeptical about implementing a digital solution?

A: We focus on the largest companies in the market because their volumes are higher. They are also the biggest investors in these technologies. We follow market trends and demonstrate to clients how digital sales have grown in comparison to physical stores. We show them what is happening in the market using our accumulated knowledge. Our goal is to help businesses capitalize on digital trends and be part of this massive, unstoppable change. 


Q: What risks do physical and digital payment options entail and how does ACI Worldwide mitigate these?

A: Fraud is always a possibility in any medium. The nature of that fraud changes so we provide all the expert instruments and channels necessary to help avoid it. We communicate with our clients and show them how to protect themselves, because not all scams are the same. 


Q: What is being done to reduce personal data theft? 

A: Many actions are being taken globally to prevent data theft. There are two approaches to data protection. The first is to protect the data so it is not accessible and the second is to encrypt it so that it is not so easy to decipher. The goal is to make data difficult to steal or decipher. We often work with clients on data encryption issues. Our solutions are certified to handle data correctly. 


Q: What are the benefits of having a Process Bill Payments service and how does this increase business user activity? 

A: Companies often need help issuing and paying invoices. In Latin America, this process is very complex. We simplify this process by automating it. Electronic payments are easier to process and more companies are using them. 


Q: What opportunities do you see to grow in Mexico and how can ACI Worldwide contribute to the country’s digital transformation?

A: Mexico has handled regulation well but the country needs to increase adoption of this technology, which requires education. There is a long way to go before users adopt these solutions and take full advantage of them. 

Our goal is to add value to the market and there is a significant opportunity in Mexico for digital payments. We want to demonstrate to potential customers how they can maximize digital payments to transform their business for the better. Our solutions also allow companies to focus on their business while we manage their payments.


ACI Worldwide provides real-time, proven, scalable and secure payment solutions to corporations, allowing them to process and manage digital payments, enable omni-commerce payments, present and process bill payments and manage fraud and risk.

Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Journalist and Industry Analyst