A Flexible Payment Platform for B2B Merchants, Marketplaces
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A Flexible Payment Platform for B2B Merchants, Marketplaces

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Dan Pinchasi - Kalto
Co-Founder and CEO


Q: How do your customers benefit from Kalto’s solution?

A: Kalto is an all-in-one B2B payment platform. We work for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers that want to start receiving payments online from their business customers. The company’s platform provides all types of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and cash. We also provide financing solutions so customers can offer their clients the opportunity to pay in net terms, either in 15, 30, or 45-day periods, without taking any risk of default or having to collect the money themselves. B2B transactions are complex and often do not occur upon purchasing, therefore, we also provide a SaaS AR platform that allows our users to better keep track, automate and manage their collection process.

Our goal is to increase our customers’ sales and unlock new growth opportunities by improving customers’ experience, conversion and free up their cash flows. Providing a wide array of payment methods automatically translates into an increased conversion rate by giving flexibility to their business customers on how to pay. In B2B, we also see this strong correlation. Therefore, a different type of payment flow is required, as are payment terms. We help our clients to implement this modality as part of their checkout so their customers can pay in net terms, risk-free.


Q: Who are Kalto's main clients?

A: Our clients include anyone who is seeking to digitize their payment experience and understands that the world is shifting to digital transactions. Companies with an e-commerce platform, or those planning to build one, are our perfect customers. When B2B businesses build a digital strategy, they often focus on product catalogs, homepages, marketing campaigns or back-office but when they get to the transactional payment element, they get stuck. This is where we add instant value for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and even larger corporate structures. Kalto has been built with a clear understanding and focus on serving B2B digital transactions and can tailor to these demands effortlessly.


Q:  What differentiates your solution from others in the market?

A: Kalto provides an integrated solution through a single platform, so businesses do not need to integrate with individual payment methods to unify the experience. Our users, therefore, have full visibility of their sales and receivables without having to go to other platforms, such as their bank or payment platforms.

Our B2B checkout is completely customizable to maximize the user experience and build flexible payment flows. This is especially important so that customers can create a unique experience for their clients, transforming their receivables from a nightmare into a competitive advantage. Our users are the ones who know their clients best and we want to provide them with all the necessary tools to maximize loyalty, conversation and sales.

Beyond our plugins with leading e-commerce platforms, we have an open application programming interface (API) where users can have their full documentation and connect directly with their platform or ERP. Kalto also connects the platform to SAT, so every time an invoice is generated, a payment order for the customer is also created.

About 80 percent of our customers’ buyers get approved for a line of credit, enabled by examining the historical transactions between buyers and sellers. We also look at the open banking data and available fiscal data of customers. We fulfill the promise of increasing our customers’ sales by boosting the approval rate among our users’ clients for a credit line so they can make larger purchases with our customers.


Q: What are Kalto’s medium-term expectations within Mexico?

A: Kalto is a great solution for B2B merchants with transactions between MX$4,000 (US$206) and MX$400,000 (US$20,566), serving a wide range of business customers. We are working on developing more integrations with different e-commerce platforms to provide our solutions to a broader customer base. The company is looking toward specific sectors like electronics, food and beverages, cosmetics and textile distribution, among others. We aim to position ourselves as the leader of B2B payments in Mexico.

Businesses are increasingly thinking about digitizing their transactions, but we are still at the beginning of the revolution of B2B commerce. Anyone who is thinking of building a strategy should strongly evaluate our value proposition.


Kalto is a payments solution that enables B2B merchants & marketplaces to receive payments from its customers digitally. With Kalto’s checkout, customers can pay when and how they want helping merchants drive sales and unlock new growth opportunities.

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