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GBM Leads the Future For Investment Services In The Region

By María Fernanda Barría | Mon, 06/14/2021 - 13:29

In an effort to strengthen its investment services and further boost the GBM+ app, Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM), an investment institution with 35 years of transforming financial services, has recently announced it received an investment of approximately US$150 million from SoftBank. 

The GMB+ app provides customers access to the market through manageable tools. For instance, the app has three options according to the customer's financial status and objectives: Smart Cash, Wealth Management, or the Trading option. In addition, the app allows clients to have all investments in one place, according to the company's website. 

Smart Cash option allows adding value to the funds by generating interest through investments in low-risk instruments. Instead of having savings in traditional banks that do not produce any earnings, it is an option for users because it is safe and allows daily availability. 

Wealth Management is ideal for customers who wish to invest and follow their financial objectives for the medium or long term with the guidance of personalized investment strategies. This option is excellent for people who are looking to retire or start a business. 

The trading option is a great tool to buy and sell national, international stocks, ETFs and investment funds. It brings more comprehensive visibility to make better investment decisions through graphs and information in real-time. "Financial wellness has a profound impact on people's lives. Unfortunately, the way we manage our money on the legacy financial system is outdated. We at GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano have a mission to revolutionize how financial products and services are built. We will not rest until we can democratize investments through the region and help people reach their financial freedom," said Pedro de Garay, CEO of GBM.

One of the GBM's objectives is to help more people achieve their financial goals regardless of their level of investment knowledge. Currently, 45 percent of the company's accounts are in Mexico, and the trend continues. The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) reported that Mexico reached an all-time high of 940,000 brokerages opened accounts in 2020 instead of the 298,000 brokerage accounts in Mexico in 2019. This record shows how citizens are more interested in adopting these tools into their financial lives.

Financial apps have opened the market to a broad population. As a result,  investment has improved in the region and the amount of time spent on apps has increased. As previously reported by MBN, the study 'Fintech App Marketing Insights: LATAM Edition 2021' elaborated by AppsFlyer, analyzed the growth and scale of fintech applications throughout Latin America. Mexico achieved first place, followed by Brazil and Colombia. The study highlights that the Mexican market doubled the number of finance app installed in 2020 and a significant boost in finance apps' time spent. Investment apps, for example, increased time spent by 115 percent in 2020.

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