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Google Cloud Region to Boost Mexico’s FDI: The Week in Finance

By Emilio Aristegui | Thu, 07/28/2022 - 10:00

Google announced a major investment project investment in Mexico: the Google Cloud Region. This project will strengthen Mexico as an attractive FDI destination, said the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Ready? This is the week in finance:

The Importance of Financing Care

Accessing healthcare in Mexico can be restricted by geographic, financial and accessibility barriers, which can be alleviated through better financing, said Alec Lee, Director Healthcare Research, FrontierView. While the public sector continues to focus on universal care, the private insurance market in Mexico is set to further expand over the next decade.

“Financing health must be a joint effort between the public and private sector, says the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies’ analysis. Yet, there are specific needs to be prioritized in this collaboration, including the recovery of non-COVID-19 related treatments, the migration of medical professionals from the public to the private sector and self-financing schemes for patients,” said Lee.

Mexico Welcomes FDI and Google Cloud Region

Mexico continues to become one of the most influential countries regarding FDI, as Google’s decision to bring its digital cloud to the country strengthens Mexico’s reputation as an attractive destination for investment. The cloud will seek to amplify the country’s financial inclusion plans.

“The digital strategy of this administration has marked a new path in relation to government providers, establishing a level playing field in technology contracts, and has opened up competition to new companies. We are advancing at an accelerated pace, bringing free internet connections and telephone service to the most remote towns,” said Emiliano Calderón, Coordinator of the National Digital Strategy, Presidency of the Republic.

Early-Stage Startups Provide Vital Edge

Most investors seek to protect themselves against volatile assets. Investments in debt funds, government bonds, certain commodities or real estate have increased in search of security, said Fabian Aguilar, Principal, Angel Ventures. However, investing in entrepreneurs and early-stage startups might be the key to a stronger stance, he added.

“Rising interest ratesinflation rates that have not been seen in the last 20 years, market loss rates larger than a polar bear (pun intended) and a tremendous sense of uncertainty that it feels like the entire world could crash anytime. This new “post-COVID” reality (we are technically in the fifth wave in Mexico, but who am I to judge?) has forced us to desperately look for safe assets until the economic cycle enters its positive phase,” said Aguilar.

Arcus Increases Cash Administration Options

Arcus now allows cash-outs through its newest cash withdrawal solution through the Red Arcus Pay Network, allowing companies to make and receive payments or withdraw cash from their online accounts.

“At Arcus we build solutions that allow our clients to offer a complete payment experience for the consumer. Cash is the most used payment method in the country, and we cannot ignore it. Building digital solutions that consider cash as a payment method is essential to offer a multi-rail payment platform. In addition, it strengthens our Arcus Pay network and creates value for consumers in the country,” said Marc Sacal, COO, Arcus to Business Insider.

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