IMEF-MEF Present the 2023 Gender Equity Award
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IMEF-MEF Present the 2023 Gender Equity Award

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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 06/06/2023 - 11:03

The Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) and the Women in Finance Association (MEF) presented the IMEF-MEF 2023 Gender Equity Award, an honor given to companies based in Mexico that recognize the significance and development of women in various productive sectors and have successfully fostered a culture of gender equality. 

This distinction results from a thorough and rigorous evaluation process carried out by a judging panel comprising specialized business and equity academics, national and international company board members, the national presidency of IMEF and the presidency of MEF. This year’s winners are: 

Category 1 (over 15,001 employees): Danone Mexico 

Category 2 (between 501 and 15,000 employees): PwC Mexico and General Motors Mexico

Category 3 (less than 500 employees with revenues or sales exceeding MX$250 million (US$14.3 million)): Adecco Group and Mexican Stock Exchange Group (BMV) 

The award ceremony took place on June 1 at the Club de Industriales in Mexico City and was led by: José Domingo Figueroa, National President, IMEF; Denisse Montesinos, President, MEF; Concepción del Alto, President, IMEF 2023 Gender Equity Award; and María Aramoni, President, MEF 2023 Gender Equity Award. They emphasized that being an inclusive company goes beyond good practices as it involves having a strategic projection for the business, with benefits extending to social, cultural and economic areas that directly impact the country's development. For this reason, they believe that any actions favoring gender equality promote social progress, which is essential for economic growth and, consequently, for reducing inequality and strengthening education, health, protection and the well-being of all individuals. 


The second edition of the IMEF-MEF Gender Equity Award strengthens companies' efforts to create an inclusive culture. "For us, this award is our way of demonstrating our commitment to gender equality. It is a crucial aspect if we want to envision a country with long-term sustainability. For us, gender equity is essential for companies to create value based on these criteria, which can allow us to empower businesses. The participation of women in companies will always generate greater value,” says Figueroa.

"This second edition of the IMEF-MEF Gender Equity Award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of so many individuals and organizations committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. It also reflects our conviction, both from Women in Finance and the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives, of the potential to ally and share to grow as a society by promoting gender equality. By recognizing the achievements of these companies, we are not only celebrating progress but also inspiring others to continue advancing and making their own contributions. Gender equity is not just a challenge for women; it is a challenge that affects us all. When we create gender equality, we create better opportunities for everyone,” says Montesinos.

Photo by:   MEF

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