Juan Carlos Minero
Chief Investment Officer
View from the Top

Innovative Model Reduces Roi Period

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:00

Q: How does BWC ensure better market opportunities for clients to capitalize returns in a constantly changing financial market?
A: New trends are focused more on decision-makers and capital rotation. In this context, BWC specializes in the management of investment funds and active funds. Our added value is that we are disruptive agents of the traditional financial ecosystem; we adapt to other strategies to support our clients in a volatile environment to generate a higher return on investment. BWC’s actions in risk management are based on a financial and innovative framework that reduces the time needed to see a return on investment.
Q: How does BWC provide added value to its customers, considering they all have different objectives?
A: BWC has a different organizational structure and service provision because we focus on employing highly qualified financial analysists instead of developing a large promotional sales force. This scheme means that 97 percent of our clients have come to us on their own. Our clients are seen as partners because we share with them a discretionary fund composed of our clients, employees and partners. We offer an opportunity for different customer profiles to participate with the financial capital that best suits their needs.