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Investing Is Not About the Product But About the Investor

Diego González Montesinos - DINN Actinver


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 01/18/2023 - 08:34

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Q: What are the main benefits of using DINN Actinver?

A: DINN is a digital arm of Banco Actinver and aims to provide guidance toward achieving a better financial life. Actinver started by offering investment products and has gradually added new services that are aimed at improving a person’s economic well-being. We now provide a completely digital account, compliant by design, thanks to Actinver's banking license. We do not charge any commissions or fees, and customers can start using their accounts without a minimum investment. They can also access the funds within their debit account at any time. 

The platform also offers investment strategies — conservative, balanced and aggressive — designed according to the investor's profile. Our products aim to simplify the investment process. We want to guide users toward a better financial life, facilitate investments and help them make the best decisions with their money. 

Q: Why is it important to invest, especially during times of high inflation and economic volatility?

A: We are facing some of the highest inflation rates since the 1970s. Inflation in Mexico closed 2022 at almost an 8 percent rate, so investing is now more important than ever. Leaving money in traditional banks is equivalent to losing it every day. People also need to consider volatility and how it affects their investments. This is a great time to invest in conservative products because inflation and yields are high. This is the time to invest in low-risk products. 

Those who are not looking to invest because they need to have their money available on a daily basis should still use accounts that put the money to work to avoid losing value. 

Q: What are the options to start investing and which is the best way to approach DINN’s products and services ? 

A: Many players in the investment industry are looking to democratize investments to allow users to invest any amount of money. We are different from other players because we not only simplify the process; we are trying to make investing easier to understand. Lack of education in investing is Mexico's greatest barrier. We not only offer a service or an experience; we help people understand what they are doing and the benefits they will get from investing. 

Those who have not started to invest need to take their money out of traditional banks if they are not reaping any benefits from those banks. If they want to invest with us, I suggest starting with our debit account because it offers security, accessibility and daily yields. With a debit account, the user can later ask for a debit card to receive benefits like cashbacks, which increase the individual’s savings potential. The next step would be investing, even with a low-risk strategy. 

Q: How has your alliance with groups like Actinver promoted your services and the credibility of your economic activities?

A: DINN is part of Actinver, which allows it to have the best of both worlds. We have the innovation, drive and simplicity of a startup but we also have the structure and security of a bank backed by 28 years of experience focusing on helping people invest. 

Actinver's traditional model was based on a one-on-one advisory service, which is a helpful model but more applicable to larger investments. Thus, we expanded and introduced a service that was more approachable for young people. 

Q: What are DINN's medium- and long-term objectives? 

A: For the past two years, markets have been paying a great deal for companies with extensive growth histories that could attract many users in a short amount of time. Many companies did very well and grew extensively in a few months. We did not play that game because that is not Actinver's vision. Instead, we focused on creating long-term relationships with customers, earning their trust, helping them understand what they can do with their money and accompanying them throughout their financial life. We plan to keep our products simple and we will improve the guidance we provide to our customers.


DINN, part of Actinver, is a fully digital investment service that allows clients to manage their money and invest simply, safely and transparently.

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