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Kapital: The All-in-One Solution for SMEs

René Saul - Kapital


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 02/21/2022 - 12:45

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Q: What clients does Kapital target and what is its mission?

A: Kapital proudly targets only SMEs, which play an essential role within the fintech ecosystem because they are a trigger for Mexico’s growing innovation. Kapital’s mission is to empower SMBs with technology easing, strengthening them with our financial platform and credit products allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Our role is to always listen to our clients. This is the only way to keep innovating and designing products that clients need.



Q: What main opportunities has Kapital detected in the corporate credit card business?

A: The most common complaint from clients in the past was the long time it took banks to open accounts and authorize credit for SMBs. While traditional banks take about 30 days, Kapital can do it in 24 hours. One of our main advantages is our lack of loan facilities. Banks do not give corporate credit cards until a client has operated for at least two years and achieved a definitive revenue. But sometimes SMEs need a card quickly. In Mexico, banks seldomly trust companies.



Q: Kapital was awarded the Decarbonization Consumer Tools Award at COP26. How does the company address sustainability goals?

A: Besides profits, doing something good for the future is important. Kapital contributes with recycled credit cards and informs customers of their CO2 emissions and water consumption after each purchase. We want to create awareness because sometimes people do not know what is going on with climate change.



Q: How does Kapital’s all-in-one multi-treasury solution help SMBs?

A: We saw that SMBs were changing suppliers constantly, depending on the service that was needed. Kapital helps SMBs to avoid this problem through its all-in-one solution.


Kapital shares its client’s goals. We want to help them grow. Kapital helps SMBs because it understands their needs and listens to them. Our main goal is that SMBs that have Kapital accounts and use corporate credit cards continue growing.



Q: How do you build trusted relationships with clients while being a digital company?

A: Our business model is based on listening to our clients. Kapital learns from questionnaires that address the most common questions and complaints. We listen to client feedback to make our platform better. We also use chatbots to listen to the most common complaints. Our customer support team analyzes this information and sends weekly feedback.



Q: What are the main differences between the use of a physical card and a digital one?

A: They have different purposes. For example, virtual cards can be used for online purchases, including online advertising. Our digital cards make these purchases faster and more secure. On the other hand, physical cards help companies when their employees travel and need to buy things in-person, such as meals. Having both cards make it easier for companies to organize. Digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, will eventually become more popular; however, according to tech improvements mobile phones are going to be considered as physical cards in the future.


Kapital is an all-in-one cash management + Credit solution for SMBs

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