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Let's Turn Everyone Into a True Entrepreneur

By Denis Yris - Wortev CAPITAL
Founder and CEO


By Denis Yris | Founder and CEO - Wed, 05/31/2023 - 10:00

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Every day, hundreds of business ideas materialize in the form of ventures. There are entrepreneurs in every industry and with every kind of spin imaginable. Some are born with leverage and investing, while others are born into adversity and seek additional sources of income.

The world is full of new ideas, so we need to raise the bar of vision and consolidate that handful of enthusiasts who add daily to the economic and social engine of our country. By professionalizing and training them, and employing automation,  we will achieve the next necessary step in the chain: make everyone a true entrepreneur. 

Although  a person can have a healthy business, by “true entrepreneurs,” I mean those who consolidate legal entities, employ staff and invoice. These are people who generate a powerful impact on their families and their employees' families, customers and suppliers. 

It is said that the idea is what you start with, but the true entrepreneur consolidates and carries it out. Everyone talks about the magic behind entrepreneurship, and there are programs and organizations focused on incubating and generating business ideas. Now, we need to complete the circle: consolidate entrepreneurs and bring them to fruition.

The markets and the world change every second; what was news one moment, is no longer news in a few minutes. Today, we need strong thoughts and powerful minds that help us visualize tomorrow as a true dream that is ready to come true, rather than just having plans.

True entrepreneurs: we need them more than ever. 

So, what is the difference between an entrepreneur who consolidates and the one who ends up bankrupt and indebted? 

There are five principles on which we must focus our energy, effort and attention: 

Alliances: As an entrepreneur, alliances, networks and business relationships are essential. The stronger the network, the better the opportunities to connect with customers, suppliers and value partners. A strong business ecosystem is based on healthy competitors that innovate and reinvent the market. 

When Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, launched his platform, it connected thousands of Asian companies with millions of buyers around the world. Can we also strengthen our windows on the inside and outside? Can we consolidate more platforms and initiatives that strengthen Mexican industries? Can we strengthen our chambers and business clubs to make them more robust and inclusive? Yes.

Technology: The line is clear, companies without technology and automation have serious problems of order, structure and growth: Sales points, logistics software, personnel management, processes control and e-commerce tools are a necessity today. Entrepreneurs who take the plunge and bet on more technology soon discover the benefits of that investment.

What can we do? Bring these tools that are already on the market closer to them. Digital literacy is essential in business schools, entrepreneurship and acceleration programs. It is time to bet on business inclusion. 

Sales: The world has changed. The pandemic was a cruel remainder of this. Entrepreneurs who take the big step understand that all growth is supported by sales. No matter how good, innovative or disruptive an idea is:, nothing happens until someone buys it. 

Sales manuals, commercial training, and professionalization in the area are necessary. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you just need to teach everyone how to use it. A company without clear commercial strategies and without a digital structure for attracting customers is destined for bankruptcy. More digital marketing, more online sales systems, more professionalization in customer service: this is the challenge we must be willing to take on. 

A lot of training: A baseless dream turns into a nightmare. At least  that is what every entrepreneur experiences every time the curtain comes down as a result of his own ignorance. It is a reality: not all entrepreneurs have the fortune to undergo professional business training. 

What happens when the entrepreneur is faced with a lack of knowledge of finances, processes, logistics, indicators and decision-making? Entrepreneurial illiteracy is costing us the lives of thousands of businesses with potential. It is costing us the heads of thousands of entrepreneurs who could change the course of Mexico. It is a cost that we cannot afford. 

More trained entrepreneurs are equal to more consolidated entrepreneurs. 

Financing:  Without education, inclusion and financial injection, our entrepreneurs will be floating in the water up to their necks. We must look to strengthen new ventures and lead them on the path to becoming prosperous, strong companies that generate employment and social well-being. Better credit, more investment funds, more bets on profitable and scalable ideas are needed. 

There will be many ventures over the next few years; however, if we want to add to the growth of these companies, in addition to their existence, we must support, develop and promote those projects that address the challenges that lie ahead,thus, raising their survival rate, expanding their value chain and transforming them into the engine of the economy for  Mexico and Latin America.

The mission is clear, we must strive for new and better ventures. Let us pray for future business success.

Photo by:   Denis Yris

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