Mexico, US Draft Work Plan
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Mexico, US Draft Work Plan

Photo by:   Image by RJ1988 from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/16/2021 - 14:48

After the reactivation of high-level economic dialogues between Mexico and the US in September, both countries present a joint plan to further develop their economies. Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris and Mexico’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard have also shared the importance of a close relationship between two countries, as reported by MB.

“The High-Level Economic Dialogue between the governments of Mexico and the US seeks to strengthen value chains, facilitate trade, economic development and promote training programs in priority sectors. The work plan presented today, derived from the last meeting of the High-Level Economic Dialogue held in Washington D.C. and defines progress and specific strategic activities between both countries based on the four established pillars,” reads an SHCP press release.

The Mexican government, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Ministry of Economy and the SHCP presented the work plan together with the Biden-Harris administration. More than 10 projects are focused on rebuilding together, promoting economic, social and sustainable development in Southern Mexico and Central America and securing tools for future prosperity and investment in people.

Both countries are working on strengthening supply chains, which is the first pillar of the plan. Goals include coordinating supply chain management, cooperating to develop environmental technologies, improving border conditions to facilitate bilateral trade and the transit of people and promoting medical equipment trade.

Pillar number two focuses on promoting economic, social and sustainable development in southern Mexico and Central America, with Mexico and the US joining efforts to identify the causes of irregular immigration in these areas.

The third pillar highlights the importance of cooperation between two countries to develop state-of-the-art telecommunications and ICT networks, while strengthening cybersecurity and digital cooperation on border privacy regulations.

Joint investment between the countries represents the fourth pillar, as both countries seek to promote economic growth through innovation and creativity, inclusive recovery through initiatives for entrepreneurs and MSMEs and technical programs in priority sectors.

“Through this work plan, the Mexican government reaffirms its commitment to cooperation to strengthen the region through results that materialize and give continuity to the shared strategic vision on the priorities for the sustainable development of the North American region,” reads the SHCP’s press release.

Photo by:   Image by RJ1988 from Pixabay

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