Rodrigo Gómez
HR Media
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Technology, Methodology Crucial to Transcend Media Ratings

Sat, 12/01/2018 - 15:00

Q: HR Media specializes in measuring TV ratings. How do your team and methodology make a difference for your clients?

A: HR Media focuses on two key areas: providing the industry with total transparency by publishing all our information on the Internet and reinforcing the methodology and technology that allows us to innovate the way in which TV content is measured. HR Media breaks with traditional media classifications; we measure all content, whether broadcast on TV, streaming or multiplatform.

HR Media is strongly positioned in the industry with a broad geographic coverage and customer base. We work with two of the biggest TV broadcasters in the country, some agencies, advertisers and all public TV channels. The company has carried out projects that have generated good results with a national impact but also with an international one, which has made companies from other countries in the region want to collaborate with us. Our vision is to become the No. 1 company in the country for audience measurement.

Q: How does HR Media validate its measurements?

A: The measurement industry requires a solid methodology to be able to project reliable figures and reveal useful information. HR Media has validated its methodological framework with sampling experts from ITAM and the University of Southampton, as well as other statistical entities, such as the Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IMAS) and the Media Research Council (CIM). We also got support from the Media Rating Council (MRC), a US-based media auditing Council, and through 3M3A, an international media audience auditing company that evaluated our technology, statistical methodology, the composition of our audiences, sampling and other media components. We have been congratulated for the quality of our sample study that includes 81 percent of the total urban population in Mexico.

Q: What is the differentiating value offered by HR Media’s technology?

A: After strengthening our statistical methodology, we looked for the best technology to measure the media market passively, automatically and with automatic recognition of voice or video. We discovered a strongly developed market in South Korea that uses a people meter that incorporates Israeli technology. This technology makes automatic audio signature matches, similar to Shazam, and can recognize any audio from Mexican open TV channels, paid TV channels and other video digital content, such as Netflix, Blim or others, which helps us report on more than 400 channels.

Q: What changes has HR Media observed in the way in which TV is consumed in Mexico?

A: Consumers are no longer passive; they create content. We recognize that audiences are fragmenting and have more devices to access video content. This does not mean that TV is dying; TV audiences keep growing but people now consume video content through other media. HR Media recognizes this new reality and our technology measures TV content and online TV streaming as well.

Q: HR Media offers services related to audience measurement, ad spend monitoring, program monitoring and ad hoc studies. How do potential clients benefit from these?

A: Television Audience Measurements, our Ad Spend Monitoring Service and Program Monitoring Services are complementary measurements and our Ad Hoc Studies are for more specific purposes. Large TV companies, media agencies and advertisers seek solutions that include all these services, while smaller companies and public channels can benefit from our Ad Hoc Studies. HR Media’s software allows our customers to receive realtime information about the full multimedia performance of their channel. For example, through our software, TV Azteca and Multimedios can know how many people are watching their soap operas, the sociodemographic profile of the audience, how much time people spend watching these programs and from which channels they reach the program.