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Tourism, Air Traffic Increase; Banxico Presents New MX$20 Coin

By Emilio Aristegui | Thu, 08/18/2022 - 10:00

Mexican airlines continue to show an upward trend towards recovery, with the country’s largest airlines reporting major growths in passenger traffic in July 2022. However, inflation continues to shock the country.

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Mexico’s Aviation Industry Continues Recovering

Volaris, Viva Aerobus and Aeroméxico, Mexico’s largest airlines, reported a four-year high in passenger traffic in July 2022, their best month so far in the year. An increase in demand caused by a recent boom in tourism has benefited the airlines, as they surpassed their July 2021 figures by nearly 20 percent.

The Importance of Loans for SMEs

SMEs that have been historically underserved in Mexico, Iñigo Castillo, Managing Director, Uniclick, told MBN. Castillo explained how the company will use its 30 years of experience to target the Mexican market.

The Importance of Competition in Mexico

The financial sector has been a priority for the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), which has intensified its monitoring of digital markets. “In 2014, the Commission found non-optimal conditions for competition and low levels of financial inclusion that impact national economic development. Later research on the digital economy was further strengthened in 2017 with the introduction of the initiative for the Fintech Law,” said Brenda Hernández, Acting Chairwoman in Terms of the Article 19 of the Federal Economic Competition Law, COFECE.

COFECE is an autonomous body that oversees and guarantees free competition in the country. It contributes to generate employment, boost economic growth, as well as create wellbeing for millions of consumers in Mexico.

Banxico Presents MX$20 Coin

Despite the historical inflation, Mexico’s central bank (Banxico) presented a MX$20 (US$1) coin to commemorate 100 years of the arrival of the Mennonites in Mexico. The bimetallic coin has high-level security attributes and shows a Mennonite family in the center of its dodecagonal shape. The coin reads “Pioneer Community” on a microtext and a superior legend that reads “100 Years of the Arrival of the Mennonites to Mexico.”

Vital Differentiators in the Workforce

Clara reported that its workforce grew a monthly 12 percent last year, with a focus on moving from a structure of data engineers, products and user experience to agile working squads.

“Companies around the world have spent significantly on financial systems, customer services and corporate social responsibility (CSR) but there is an eight-year lag in investment in human resources, leaving many companies stuck with manual processes that are highly prone to failure,” said Juan Domínguez, Chief People Officer, Clara.

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